Namakku Naame Thittam

Namakku Naame Thittam (Urban)

People’s participation is essential in civic infrastructure projects and it also brings the sense of ownership among the people. In order to improve the self-support mechanism of public and to enhance increased public participation in creating and maintaining community infrastructures, the Government had launched Namakku Naame Thittam (Urban) and Guidelines for the implementation of the Namakku Naame Thittam (Urban) have been issued vide G.O.(Ms) No.70 Municipal Administration and Water Supply (NS) Department dated.24.09.2021.

Renovation of water bodies, Formation, improvement and renovation of Parks, Play grounds, Traffic Islands, Fountains, Streetlights, CCTV Camera,Planting of trees and installation of tree-guards, Construction and renovation of buildings for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Urban Primary Health Centres, Shopping complex and any other buildings of public benefit,         Construction of modern libraries / knowledge centres, bridge, culverts, new crematorium and storm water drain,Upgradation of earthen /gravel/WBM roads / streets  to all-weather roads, Community toilets / Public toilets, shops, Markets can be taken under this scheme.

The minimum public contribution for any of the identified work except renovation of water bodies should be one third of the estimate value. Minimum Public Contribution for the works related to renovation of water bodies should be 50%. There will be no upper limit for public contribution.

The following aspects may be checked:

i      Mobilization of  public contribution by the ULB

ii      Action taken by the ULB to mobilize the public Contribution

ii     Whether the work is executed as per estimate

iii    Physical and Financial progress of the work

iv     Quality of the work


Progress as on 04.08.2022



Details of ULB No of ULBs Estimate          Cost Government          Grant Public Contribution  No of works Number of works Expenditure
Completed Progress To be commenced Tender called Tender to be Called
1 Corporations 16 4098.14 2148.78 1949.36 144 31 37 38 7 31 423.66
2 Municipalites 108 5249.41 3233.52 2015.93 445 109 164 74 20 78 184.57
Total 124 9347.55 5382.30 3965.29 589 140 201 112 27 109 608.23