[pr_accordion heading_fonts=”” content_fonts=””][pr_accordion_item ac_title=”What is JnNURM?”]Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) is a massive city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India under Ministry of Urban Development. It envisages a total investment of over $20 billion over seven years to improve Urban Infrastructure.

[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item ac_title=”​Can I pay my dues through online using this website?”] Yes, This website is dedicated to provide information to the public about the functioning of the CMA and also to provide facilities to make payment to all ULBs under the control of CMA just clicking “e-Pay’ option in the home page.


[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item ac_title=”How do I fix an appointment with the commissioner?”]An appointment with the commissioner can be fixed by phone or email given in contact us page.



[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item ac_title=”What is Commisionerate of Municipal Administration?”]Commissionerate of Municipal Administration looks after the affairs of 121  Municipalities and 14 city Municipal Corporations (other than Chennai Corporation) in the State of Tamil Nadu.




[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item ac_title=”What is ‘Amma Unavagam’?”]​Amma Unavagam was started by the Government of Tamil Nadu to provide quality food at affordable prices to all sections of the society. There are currently 90 Amma Unavagam in 9 municipal corporations across Tamil Nadu.