Roads form the backbone of the Urban Infrastructure development. This Government endeavours to provide motorable roads that are designed and built for the primary use for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The Corporations (except Chennai) and Municipalities maintain a total road length of 25010.60 Km of of which 5110.55 Km are of cement concrete roads,16675.74 Km are of black topped roads,221.19 Km are of WBM roads, 1904.52 Km are of Earthen roads and1098.61 Km are of other roads like cut stone pavement, paver block etc. The maintenance of roads, restoring and relaying the damaged roads due to implementation of Water Supply schemes, Under Ground sewerage schemes and Natural calamities have posed a major challenge to the ULBs.

Tamil Nadu Urban Road Infrastructure Programme [TURIP]

       The Government puts much emphasis on improving roads damaged due to laying of sewer lines, water mains and also due to natural calamities, over a period of time and require restoration to full width to make it motorable. To this effect, the Government has announced an “Urban Road Infrastructure Programme”.

     During the year 2020-21, under this programme, a sum of Rs.314.37 crore was sanctioned to take up 541.352 km length of road damaged due to the implementation of Under Ground Sewerage Schemes, Natural Calamities and Water Supply Improvement Schemes in 94 Municipalities and 9 Corporations which are in various stages of implementation. This programme will also be continued in the year 2021-2022.

Uniform Retro Reflective Road Signages

     The Government have taken massive restoration and relaying of roads in the ULBs. In order to enhance the utility and usefulness of these roads to the commuters and tourists by giving proper signages, like names, cautions, tourist destination etc., a programme was taken up to provide uniform retro reflective road signages. So far, about 5363 single arrows, 945 double arrows, and 369 road fixtures  were erected in the Corporations and Municipalities. This will be continued during 2013-14.

Smart Roads under Smart City

      Under “Smart City Progrmme ”  smart roads have been implemented from 2018 in 10 Corporations, so far 44 works have been taken up at an estimate of Rs.1066.00 crores.