The following are specific roles of sections involved in the Engineering wing of the Commissionerate of municipal administration.
E – Section: Engineering (Natural Calamities, Street Lights, Roads and Grievances of bidders)
  • Street Lights Maintenance Municipal Assets – High Mask Light – Privatization of Street Lights
  • Schemes under SRP, URIP Plastic roads, Road Signage, etc.
  • Drought Relief works, Flood, Disaster Management, Natural Calamities.
  • Maintenance of Office Building of CMA – Construction of R.D.M.A. office buildings
UGSS – Section: Underground Sewerage Scheme
  • All Matters Pertaining to Drainage Schemes
  • Investigation charges and maintenance charges payable to CMWSSB Board
  • Analysis of Financial viability and Technical Capability of ongoing projects and existing drainage schemes
  • Water Supply Schemes, RWH
  • WS to the BPL families, progress monitoring
  • Analysis of Financial viability and Technical capability of ongoing projects and existing water supply schemes
  • Investigation charges and maintenance charges payable to TWAD Board
  • Monitoring of water cess collection.
  • Approval of water supply bye laws – (Including Grade-III Municipalities)


P – Section: Planning

The main roles of this section are:

  • All Plan Schemes / Any new scheme introduced by Government
  • Administrative Sanction, Review Monitoring and Evaluation of Revolving Fund
  • Coordinating preparation of Plan Schemes
  • Five Year Annual and Part II Scheme, Hill Area Development Programme (HADP)​

The organizational hierarchy for the above section is shown below:






PPC – Section:Pricing Perspective Cell
  • Collection and compilation of statistics of municipal administration – i.e. data regarding receipts and expenditure, employment etc.,
  • Preparation of Municipal Directory – Furnishing data as and when required by other Departments and Government
  • Preparation of Policy Note, Budget Speech and Performance budget including Corporations and Grade-III Municipalities.
WB – Section: World Bank Project, TNSUDP
  • Fund and progress monitoring of External Aided Projects (TNSUDP)
IHSDP – Section: Integrated Housing & Slum Development Programme

A new section relating to the Urban Local Bodies in the Constitution of India was added in 1992 to provide for

  • Fund dispersal to Implementing Agencies For Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme
  • Fund dispersal for Basic Services for Urban Poor Scheme
  • Centralized sponsored scheme-JnNURM Fund.