Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT)

       Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) is to ensure the basic infrastructure such as drinking water facilities, waste water and sewage disposal management, storm water drains, non-motorized transport, parks and green spaces. Cities having population more than 1 lakh, towns of religious and tourist importance have been included in the Mission. 28 cities viz., 26 cities with a population of more than 1 lakh and 2 towns of religious and tourist importance namely Velankanni and Rameshwaram have been selected in Tamil Nadu, under AMRUT Mission.

Funding Pattern:

City / Town Population GOI Share GOTN Share ULB Share
More than 10 lakh 33% 20% 47%
Less than 10 lakh 50% 20% 30%

     Under this scheme, 385 projects are being implemented in 18 Corporations and 7 Municipalities under the administrative control of DMA, at an estimated cost of Rs.9,977.37 crore. The Mission period has been extended upto March 2023.

 Funding towards ULB contribution has been arranged under ADB/KfW/TNSUDP/IUDM/CGF for Water Supply and UGSS projects.

Out of 385 Projects, 14 projects are for providing water supply, 13 projects are for UGSS and 358 are for green spaces. The details of ongoing projects are as given in table.

Sector Number of Projects Estimate Cost (Rs. crore) Completed projects Ongoing projects
Water Supply 14 5870.22 8 6
Under Ground Sewerage Scheme 13 3912.89 2 11
Green Spaces 358 194.26 358  

Total 385 9977.37 368 17


Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation:

Scheme(AMRUT) 2.0

The Government of India launched AMRUT 2.0 on 1st October 2021. AMRUT 2.0 aims to complete water security for all cities or towns in India based on the achievements of AMRUT in 500 cities. In order to promote the circular economy of water, the mission will address water needs, rejuvenate water bodies, improve aquifer management, and explore sustainable ways to reuse treated waste water. The scheme is for 5 years and the total allocation of Government of India for this scheme is Rs.76,760 Cr and the GOI allocation for  Government of Tamil Nadu is  Rs.4,935 Crore.

Funding Pattern:

City / Town Population

GOI grant on the project fund

More than 10 lakh 25%
10 lakh to 1 lakh 33%
Less than 1 lakh 50%

Focus on Universal Coverage: As part of AMRUT 2.0, all households in all ULBs will have access to 100 percent water supply. It will also ensure 100 percent coverage for sewage and septage in 28 AMRUT cities.

Promotion of Public Private Partnership: All cities with more than 10 lakh population should take PPP projects worth of at least ten percent of their total project fund allocations. AMRUT 2.0 has a strong reform agenda that stresses the necessity of strengthening ULBs and providing cities with complete water security.

     City Water Balance Plan has been prepared for all 15 8ULBs (20 Corporations & 138 Municipalities) and Projects have been identified based on the universal coverage of Water supply and Sustainable Management of Water Bodies in all ULBs and 100% coverage of UGSS in AMRUT cities.