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Ambur is located on the southern banks of Palar River and is at 12? 48’ North latitude and 78′ 43’ East longitude. This town is located about 190 k.m. West Chennai and 50 k.m. West of Vellore. National Highways called N.H.46 Ranipet – Krishnagiri passes through this Town. The Broad Gauge Railway line is passing through this town, which connects with two metropolitan cities viz. Chennai in the East and Bangalore in the West. It is well connected with the adjoining urban centers located within the radious of 40 k.m. like Vaniyambadi, Gudiyatham, Pernambut, Tirupattur and Jolarpettai.


This town is having a good transport facilities for
all directions through National Highways major district roads and village roads. These roads are having access to surrounding important towns like Vaniyambadi, Tirupathur, Pernambut, Gudiyatham and Vellore. It also connects metro cities of Chennai and Bangalore. Important Railway line also passes through this town, parallel to national Highways. Ambur railway station is getting importance for business oriented basis and hence most of the Express trains halt at this station for convenience of Business people.


The seasonal climate conditions are moderate. Weather is colder during winter and hotter in summer due to hills and forests surrounding the town. The seasons are classified as follows.

1. Cold Weather — Mid December to end of February
2. Hot Weather — March, April and May
3. South West Monsoon — June to mid October
4. North East Monsoon — Mid October to mid December

The average maximum and minimum temperature are 42? C and 13? C respectively. The town is having maximum rainfall of 35cm, 37cm during the September, October and November. Light moderate rainfall of 10cm to 32cm occurs during the months of June, July & August.

The Wind direction during April to September is southwest. September is usually a still cold month, with light and varying winds by October the winds shifts to northeast succeeded by North-East monsoon and winter season begins. The South-West wind begins to carry on the southwest monsoon with occasional showers up to August.

The soil of the area is fertile being black loam mixed with red sand and red loam. The general litho – logy of Ambur is as follows.

Top Soil                            — 0-1 m
Silty clay with sand        — 1-4 m
Gravelly soil                    — 4-5 m
Hard gravelly soil           — 5-7 m
Soft disintegrated soil   — 7-15m
Dense medium               — 15-40m
Hard rock                        — 40m and above