Road Network

The road network is well established in the region; as National Highway called NH46, which connects Madras to Calicut. This town is located about 190Km west Chennai and 50Km West of Vellore. This town is having good transport facilities for all directions through National Highways major district roads. It also connects Metropolitan cities of Chennai and Bangalore.

Municipal Roads

Ambur Municipality maintain 108.600 Km of roads and streets. Nearly 99% of the roads are surfaced with Block Topped roads and Cement Concrete roads. 1% of the roads are un-surfaced roads as WBM roads and earthen roads. The details of road network is shown in the Table.

Local Road Network Details

S. No Surface Type Kms % Road maintained by
National Highways in Kms
Road maintained by
State Highways in Kms

Total length
1 Cement Concrete 64.938 60% 0.00 0.00 64.938
2 Block Topped 42.152 39% 6.00 5.00 53.152
3 Earthen   1.510 1% 0.00 0.00   1.510
Total 108.600 100% 6.00 5.00 119.600