Galary-Corona prevention activities

Ambur Municipality – Corona Prevention Activities

1.Hon’ble Minister  Thiru K. C. Veeramani, Minister 
Amma Unavagam Vist and Food  supply  for Public and meet on Novel Crona activities at Bus Stand
2.District Collector Visit – Novel Corona Control Activities at Trade Centre 3.Hon’ble MLA  Thiru. A.S. Velvanathan  Visit Reddy Thoppu Area
4.District Collector Visit – Novel Corona Control Activities 5.Zonal Officer Visit – Novel Corona Control Activities 6.RDMA visit Amma Unavagam 



7.District Collector Visit – Novel Corona Control Activities – Medical Camp 8.Hon’ble MLA  Thiru. A.S. Velvanathan  Visit 9.Disinfection work at –DSP Office, Women police Station, Sub Jail, Post Office, GH



10.Disinfection work at –DSP Office, Police Station, Sub Jail 11. Disinfection work at BSNL Office and Military cantien 12.Sanitary Worker Medical Checkup
13.Disinfection work at ATM State Bank, GH, Amma Unavagam, 14.Disinfection work at Bus Stand, GH, Koil, Check Post 15.Disinfection work at Public Places



16.Amma Unavagam Visit Commissioner 17.Disinfection work at TNHP House 18.Disinfection work at Sub Jail



19.Disinfection work at Fire Station, GH 20. Amma Unavagam Food Supply 21. Amma Unavagam-comm-photo



22. Distribution of Cabasura cudi neer 23.Disinfection work at GH 24. Sanitary Worker Medical Checkup



25.Disinfection work at -MC Road 26.Disinfection work at Police Stataton 27.Disinfection work at Highway vehicle



28.Disinfection work at police Station, Post office, Fire station, Gas, Police quarters, Kovil 29.Disinfection work at -Public Places 30. Quarantine Houses Garbage incinerated in compost yard



31. Amma Unavagam – Minister inagurated 32.Disinfection work at Asanampattu Road 33.Disinfection work at Highways




34.Public Distribution of maligai  items 35. Bus Stand Commissioner food issue for old lady 36. Natamadum Amma Unavagam



37. Natamadum Amma Unvagam  38. Corono Arts 39. District Collector Visit – Sanitary Worker Distribution of Rice  at Swamy Koil Thital



40. Sanitary Worker Distribution of Cabasura  Cudi neer
41.Distribution of mask for old lady
42-Quarantine house Garbage Incineration
43-Deputy Collector Distribution of mask and food 44-Sanitary worker Thermal Scan checking 45. Sanitary Worker Thermal Scanning-Paper cutting
46-Corono Activities Paper Cutting 47-Disinfection work at ATM 48-Cabasura Cudi  Neer Distribution of Public Places
49.-Commissioner Distribute for cabasura cudi neer in public places 50.     100 Rupees fine if the face Mask goes off at Ambur 51-Home Quarantine – garbage collected and incenaration
52. Ambur from Kanchipuram district is a loner 53.Quarantine sticker pasted 54-The Kapasura drinking water was served in various areas
55-Commissioner visits Kapasura drinking water project 56-Kapasura took drinking water to residents and distributed them to 3743 families 57-Kapasura provided drinking water
58-Minister KC Veeramani distributed Kapasura drinking water Innaguarated on behalf of the municipality 59-District Revenue Officer Study of Kapasura Drinking Water 60-The Kapasura drinking water cellar was opened by the Hon. Minister
61-Kapasura Drinking Kitchen Kitchen 1 and 2 62-Towards the infant Kapasura drinking water 63-Disinfection work at ATM
64-Quarantine house garbage collected – incenaration 65-The Kapasura drinking water was provided to the public 66-Senior over 60 years old Panneerselvam Nagar, a special medical camp for the citizens
67-Kapasura drinking water product in two parts 68-Disinfection work at public places 69-Disinfection work at Bus Stand, Police Station, Fire Station and GH
70-Supply of Kapasura drinking water to the public 71-Special medical camp for over 60 year olds 72-Special medical camp for over 60 year olds Bethlegam
73-Quarantine house’s Garbage incenarated 74- Disinfection work at Govt Buildings 75-Govt and Pvt building – Disinfection Work
76-Special medical camp for over 60 year olds- TAW School,  Jalal Road 77-Disinfectant spray in various areas 78-Five persons released from the Govt Hospital were isolated
79-Kapasura drinking water is provided to the public 80-Coronavirus Spray Prevention Works Disinfectant Spray 81-Antiseptic spray and cleansing works
82-Kapasura kudi neer supply in the area of Islamic pride 83-Petrol bunk Disinfectant Spray Notice Distribution 84-Kapasura is provided with drinking water
85-Masrulum School +2 Student Exam Corona Awareness 86-Corona Street Awareness, headed by Vaniyambadi RDO 87-A public hand washing tank was set up in the Ambur Municipality
88-A mask and water bottle were given to the orphaned elderly 89-Differently abled person want food for 6 peoples so for Amma Unavagam shutout the food 90-Quarantine houses garbage collection and handed over to bio medical carrier
91-It is mandatory for young expats to wear a mask glove 92-Lysol solution spray on the combined court complex 93-Disinfection of the neighborhood was done after the Ambur Temporary Market closed
94-Cleaning the JCB Field 95-Special Id Covid 19 for Municipal Cleanliness Employees 96-Provide immunization pills to cleaning staff
97-Municipal commissioner consultation with bank officials 98-Minister K.C. Veeramani Kapasura cabasa cudi neer provided to the Sanitary workers 99-Municipal employees were given an immunization pill
100-Special Medical Camp for over 60 years 101-Providing free Cabasura Cudi Neer to the public 102-Providing free Cabasura Cudi Neer to the public
103-If you come out without wearing a mask, it is fine 104-Providing groceries to elderly lady 105–Disinfection work
106-Sodium hypochloride solution at Perumal Temple Street Paper cutting 107-Amma Unavagam Inspection 108-Medical Checkup for Sanitary Worker
109-Commissioner Inspecting New Market 110-Corona test for municipal employee 111-Commissioner Inspecting New Market
112-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 113-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 114-Disinfection work for Government Buildings
115-Govindapuram Medical Camp 5th Phase for 60 years old 116-Disinfection work for Government Buildings 117-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public
118-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 119-Medical Camp for 60 years old 120- New Govindapuram Medical Camp Paper Cutting
121-The municipal commissioner who distributed the awareness leaflet 122-Kapasura cudi neer Kitchen 1 and 2 123-Lysol solution spray in government offices
124–Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 125-Medical Camp for 60 years old 126-Pamphlets were distributed by the Kapasura cudi neer bank and the urging to wear a mask
127-The face shield was issued 128-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 129-The notice board was placed in 25 places, emphasizing the need to wear a face shield
130-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 131-Volunteers Kitchen 1 and 2 on supply to the public Kapasura cudi neer 132-Ambur municipal commissioner instructed to pay fine Paper cutting
133-Medical Camp V.A. Karim Road 134-Nageshwaran Temple Street Disinfectant Spray 135-Government hospital antiseptic spray
136-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public 137-10th Medical Camp Umar Road School 138-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public
139-On behalf of the municipality of Ambur, the Assistant Collector of Mukasavasam was inaugurated 140-Medical Camp Sanrorkuppam 141-Kapasura cudi neer supply to the public