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About Municipality

               Ambur Municipality is situated in Thirupattur District under the control of Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Vellore. Ambur Municipality was upgraded from Town Panchayat to III Grade Municipality on 11.4.1948. Later Ambur Municipality was upgraded as II Grade Municipality, as per G.O.No.458 of R.D. & L.A. Department, dated 1.4.1973. Then after, Ambur Municipality was upgraded as I Grade Municipality, as per G.O. No. 85 of R.D.& L.A. Department, dated 22.5.1998. After that, Ambur Municipality was upgraded as Selection Grade Municipality, as per G.O.(Ms) No. 283 of MA.& WS. Department, dated 02.12.2008. and the Municipality is functioning in the same grade till date.

            It is consisting of three villages namely Kaspa, Mel krishnapuram and Sanankuppam covering an extent of 17.97 Sq.k.m. This municipality is having 36 wards. Election was conducted for this Municipality on 19.10.2011. The elected council with 36 members with chairperson assumed charge on 25.10.2011. G.O.Ms No.146, The Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department (Elections Dept.) dated.24.10.2016. Special Officer appointed from 25.10.2016 and functioning effectively by providing all basic amenities to the people of Ambur.


Novel Corona Virus [COVID 19]

விழித்திரு, விலகியிரு, வீட்டிலேயே இரு

Novel Coronavirus  disease ( COVID-19 )  is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience  mild  to  moderate respiratory illness and recover without  requiring  special  treatment.   Older  people,  and  those  with underlying  medical  problems  like  cardiovascular  disease,   diabetes, chronic  respiratory  disease,  and  cancer  are  more  likely  to  develop serious illness.

Control Room Help Line : 9585775653,  9585776095,  9585776096, 9585775654

Novel Corona Virus [Covid-19] Prevention and Management Activities



Containment Zone-COVID 19

Gasifier-Crematorium-Burial Ground Details


ULB Election 2022  Reservation of Wards/Chairman 

Ambur UGSS – Updated IEE – October 2021

Ambur UGSS – Addendum to IEE report October 2021


For More information just explore:  WHO   &  MoHFW 

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Contact Address


Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Office,
Jinna Road

Phone Office :04174-242740










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Municipality at a Glance

  • General
    District  : Thirupattur
    Region   : Vellore Region
    State       : TamilNadu
  • Area
    Total     : 17.97 Sq.Kms
  • Population
    Total     : 114608

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