National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM)

    Under the National Urban Livelihood Mission, Support to Urban Street Vendors and Shelter for the Urban Homeless schemes are implemented through Directorate of Municipal Administration.

Under Shelter for Urban Homeless scheme(SUH),229 shelters have been constructed for the benefit of street dwellers in 56 Municipalities and 20 Corporations.In addition to the existing shelters a total number of 77 shelters will be constructed with fund support.The policy of the Government is to construct Night shelters with free food support in all the Municipalities and corporations to declare street dwellers free urban area.

Under Support to Urban Street vendors(SUSV) scheme, vending carts are provided on free of cost to the street vendors, doing vending activities in the street sides of Corporations and Municipalities. Sanction has been given to procure 1652 vending carts to Madurai, Erode Corporation and Tiruvannamalai Municipality. Action will be taken to provide Vending carts to the street vendors located in rest of the 12 Corporations and 120 Municipalities.

The street vendors are provided loan amount of Rs.10000 through banks with 7% interest subsidy.Target has been fixed to provide loan assistance to 3,44,269 street vendors .So far 1,57,298 street vendors have been provided loan amount of Rs.157.29 crore. Action will be taken to release loan amount for the balance 1,86,971 street vendors.

Tamil Nadu Urban Employment Scheme:

Tamil Nadu Urban Employment Scheme is to enhance livelihood opportunities  in the urban areas by providing or enabling employment to every household whose adult members seek to do unskilled,semi-skilled and skilled work. The Commissioner of GCC, DMA and CTP are the State Level Programme Coordinators. They are responsible for the implementation of the scheme at the State level. The scheme will be implemented in two zones in Greater Chennai Corporation, one zone each in 14 Corporations, one Municipality each  in 7 Regions (7 Municipalities) and  one Town Panchayat each in 37 Districts (37 Town Panchayats) in Tamil Nadu during the year 2021-22.