​​​​Admin / Establishment

The major functions of Admin/Establishment department are:

  • Establishment of respective Officers
  • Transfer and Posting, Preparation of Panel for recruitment
  • Maintenance of Court Matters, Complaints/ Disciplinary cases in respect of Municipal Engineer
  • All Vigilance Complaints / Petitions

The following are specific roles of sections involved in the administration and the establishment wing of the Directorate of Municipal Administration.

C – Section: Commissioners Establishment
  • Municipal Commissioners Establishment
  • Maintenance of Confidential report of all Municipal Commissioners and RDMAs.
  • Disciplinary proceedings against Municipal Commissioner / RDMA Pay fixation to Municipal Commissioner
  • History of Service – Establishment list – Compulsory Wait – list of T.N.P.S.C. and all matter relating to T.N.G.S. Conduct Rules.
  • Departmental Promotion Committee.
  • Municipal Commissioners – Sanction of all kinds of leave, LTC, Pay fixation
OP Section: Office Proceedings & DMA & RDMA Employees establishment
  • Establishment matters connected with this Commissionerate.
  • Creation and Continuance of Posts
  • Complaints and Disciplinary cases against staff and Officers of this office.
  • Leave sanction for CMA office staffs.
  • Motor Vehicles – Stationery and Printing..
  • C.R. of Officers
Petition Section
  • RTI
  • CM Cell

The organizational hierarchy for the above sections is shown below:


F – Section: Engineering Establishment
  • Establishment process related to Municipal Engineers.
  • Granting permission to retire on Superannuating and Voluntary retirements to all staff coming under Engineering Branch in Municipalities
H – Section: Health Related Establishment
  • Establishment process related to Tamil Nadu Municipal Medical Service
  • Surprise inspection of Municipal Dispensaries
  • Appointment of legal heirs of the employees.
  • Maintenance of Municipal Hospitals and dispensaries.

The organizational hierarchy for the above section is shown below:

​ K- Section: Municipal Staff Establishment

  • All establishment subjects relating to Tamil Nadu Municipal General Service from Classes I to X
  • Retirement on Superannuation Voluntary retirement – Age exemption and all Vigilance Complaints / Petitions.