Water Supply

Existing Situation

குடிநீர் விநியோகம் – தற்போதைய நிலவரம்

Water Supply situation in Walajapet  is satisfactory. With an alternative days supply the people of Walajapet  have to restore ground water or other alternative sources of  supply  for the domestic needs.

The responsibility of designing and executing capital works in water supply rest with TWAD Board.  The agency after developing transfers the projects to the local body who will maintain the system.  Hence any decision of water supply and drainage improvements will largely depend upon the TWAD’s consent and cooperation.

Walajapet Town has been provided with protected water supply system. The present water supply schemes were implemented utilizing the water from Vannivedu village during the year 1994.  These sources located at a distance of  2 k.ms.  away from the town.  The schemes proposed to supply 2.65.MLD of  water to Walajapet Municipality.   The proposed scheme is able to produce 2.88 MLD  of water generally maintained during normal seasons.  At present the urban local body supply 2.88 MLD of water in the town.


The town has been provided with localized water supply since 1946 using local reservoirs in Arcot thethu street– 2 nos.,  Kadaparangaiyan street–2 nos., and    TNHB- 2 noS. Indira nagar-1 no. sources.  Therefore the water supply schemes using the above reservoirs were contemplated and implemented in the town.   The actual water realized from the local reservoir  is around  16.65 lakhs liters in the town.

Name of local reservoir Installed capacity in  lakhs liters Quantity Produced in  lakhs liters Quantity supplied in  lakhs liters
Arcot thethu street 3.50 3.50 3.50
Arcot thethu street 1.15 1.15 1.15
Kadappa rangaiyan street 3.00 3.00 3.00
Kadappa rangaiyan street 2.50 2.50 2.50
Arcot Thethu Street 2.00 2.00 2.00
Tamil Nadu Housing board 4.00 4.00 4.00
              Total 16.15 16.15 16.15


The only source of watersupply is  Palar River.The water chlorinated before distribution at local reservoir.


The Quality of  water is tested and after distributed to the public from the reservoir.  The water PH value 7.8 .  It is used for drinking purpose.


The current practice of water transmission and distribution indicate the water is drawn by pumping at Palar River source and transmitted to the High level reservoir located at North and South Zones.  Then the water is distributed for the local supply through individual service connections and public fountains located at the various locations.


At present the Walajapet Municipality has provided 5743 individual connections, of which 96% connections are domestic and 4% connections are non-domestic connections.  Nearly ll8 public fountains are provided to supply protected water supply  in the town.  The inhabitants mainly rely on municipal water supply.  The protected water supply system covered by the total population at a rate of 90 LPCD    .


The existing distribution system comprises of distribution net work from the service reservoirs to the individual house service connections and public fountains which covers 98% of the total municipal road length (33.763 Km.) in the town.  The existing  network system is laid out to cover dense population located in the different parts of the town.  At present, the water is distributed for duration of  1 hour in a normal day to cover different wards in the town.


The overall demand and supply of water in Walajapet town indicates that the existing supply of  2.88 MLD is  sufficient .