Storm Water Drains

       In Walajapet Town, the present condition of storm water drain carries sullage and sewage water, which ultimately carried by Vannivedu Yeri.This pose a health and environmental hazard to the natural water system need to be addressed through a proper treatment facility for the sewage water into the yeri.

       Altogether the existing storm water drains characterized by the low carrying capacity due to encroachments in the urban area, which reduces the regular flow and add constraint to the existing drainage system.

An intensive and extensive education campaign is to be launched to educate the public and make them fully of their activities in keeping the hygienic and livable.

Existing Status:-

SNo. Description Length in Kms.
1 Total length of roads and streets in the town 29.465
2 Total length of storm water drain required in the town 58.930
3 Length of existing storm water drain 40.200
4 Total length of storm in the drain required to be provided 18.930