Water Supply


The Municipal Engineer and his team of Engineers and Staff are responsible for protected drinking water supply in the town. For a population of . 73003 the town requires a daily quantity of 6.56 mld. On an average, the per capita supply is maintained at 50 lpcd.

Existing Water Supply System

Evolution of Water Supply System:

Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) has executed the first water supply system in 1938 for Virudhunagar Municipality and the improvement schemes were implemented in the year 1972, 1984, 1988 and 2000. The water supply requirement of Virudhunagar Municipality is met from the following sources as listed in Table.is a schematic of the Existing Water Supply System of Virudhunagar Municipality. Details of head works are presented below.

Details of Evolution of Water Supply Schemes for Virudhunagar.

No. Description Year Source Distance of Source from Town Capacity


1 Anaikuttam


1937 Infiltration gallery in Arjuna River 18 km 2.00
2 Karuseri Kalquarri storage 1984 Open well & Rain water 15 km 0.75
3 Ondipuli Kalquarri storage 1988 Rain water 17 km 0.36
4 Sukkravarpatti Summer Storage Tank (SST) 1973 Rain water flow in Arjuna River pumped to SST 24 km 0.75
        Total 3.86


The primany sources of water for water supply to Virudhunagar are as below:

  • Anaikuttam is the major source of water for this town. Sub-surface in the Ajuna reverbed abstract through a netwrk of infiltration wells, infiltration galleries, open wells and bore wells. The headworks, located 18 km. from the town, was constructed in 1937, and improvement scheme implemented in the year 1972. Approximately 15 to 17 Lakh Litres of water per day is supplied from the headworks.
  • Water is from Karuseri Kalquarry storage and Ondipuli Kalquarry storage, where water is stored after abstracting from open well and also from the rain water in the quarry pit during monsoons.
  • Sukkravarpatti Summer Storage Tank (SST) to where surface flow during monsoons from Arjuna River is pumped. The stored water is utilised during summer after required treatment.

Source Augmentation Proposal of TWAD Board

TWAD Board has formulated a project for augmentation of water supply in Virudhunagar Town. The project is the Combined Water Supply Scheme with Tamiraparani River downstream of Maruthur Dam as source. The source is subsurface water from the riverbed. The scheme is earmarked for coastal habitations in Tuticorin District and Eastern part of Virudhunagar District including Virudhunagar Town. The total design capacity of the scheme is 24.59 MLD with a proposed allocation of 4.23 MLD for Virudhunagar. The project is completed in all respects and trail run is going on and the average quantity of water pumped is nearly 20Lakhs Liters.

Services / Functions

  • Operation and Maintenance of Head works for water supply and distribution of drinking water to house holds and public stand posts
  • Sanctioning new House service connection
  • Conveyance and distribution of water for private and public uses.
  • Billing and collection of water charges
  • Creating awareness among people to conserve water and instal Rain Water Harvesting structures

Response Time for Complaints

Details Time Schedule / Response
I. Water Supply : (Subject to availability of sanctioned strength of HSCs.) 1.a) Issue of application for new water supply house service connection At the Information Centre on all working days on the spot
b) Receipt of filled applications with fees At the information centre on all working days
c) Issue of acknowledgement On the spot
d) Intimation to the applicant on rectification of defects noticed in the application Within one week
e) After rectification of defects, issue of notice / chalan for remittance of fees for water supply connection 15 days
f) Effecting Water Supply House service connection 30 Days from the receipt of application
II Complaints / Defects : 1. Replacement of defective meter 15 days
2. Rectification of pollution in drinking water supply Within 24 Hours
3. Arresting of Leakage of water in the mains Within 24 hours
4. Minor repairs 2 days
5. Major repairs 3 days
6. Repairs to hand pumps 3 days
7. Repairs to public fountain 2 days
8. Repairs to India Mark 2 pumps / Bore wells 7 days
9. Deficiency in chlorinating 24 hours
10. For prevention of Fire At once
III. Special Demand: 1. Supply of water through lorry Tanker Within 24 hours, if piped water supply is interrupted
2. Supply of water through lorry for Marriage / Festival 3 – 5 days

Needed Cooperation from Citizen

  • Avoid wastage of water. Do not use drinking water for gardening and other similar purposes
  • Do not draw water unauthorisedly or through installation of pumps in municipal connection
  • Get the repairs attended after proper intimation to corporation and under the supervision of Municipal Engineering Staff
  • Pay water charges and other dues promptly and avoid disconnection
  • Conserve rain water and instal Rain Water Harvesting structures in all buildings.
  • Keep the tap closed both in house and in public stand post to avoid pollution
  • Report water leakage, theft as a public service
  • Do not tamper with water supply connection or meters

Whom to Contact for Redressal of Grievance

Details Designation and timings
  • Initial complaint
  • Second contact
  • Third contact

(if the defect continues)

Junior Engineer Ph.No.243865

Municipal Engineer “ 243865

Commissioner “ 243674