Storm Water Drains

Strom water drain

Strom water drains are vital in keeping the road system and in ensuring that the users are not inconvenienced due to stagnation or flooding of rainwater.

Surface drains are used to carry both sullage as well as  rain water from houses & streets. They are less hygienic as they are open & exposed to atmosphere. Surface drains are normally laid along either side of the streets facing boundary walls of houses and buildings. They carry gravity discharge for efficient working the surface drains should fulfill the following requirements,

  1. i) The inner surface of the drain should be smooth and this can be achieved by applying plaster to the inner surface.
  2. ii) It should have sufficient carrying capacity and should have reasonable free board.

iii)It should be laid be on a grade so as to achieve self-cleansing velocity even with minimum dry weather flow.

iv)All its joints should be properly and neatly finished.

v) It should be structurally safe and stable

vi) It should be constructed with non-corrosive materials and should have sufficient resistance to erosion.

Depending upon their cross-sections and discharge carrying capacities the surface drains have been classified in to numerous type.

Strom water drains should be periodically inspected and cleaned and flushed if necessary. The general problem in maintenance is clogging due to accumulation of grit. Prevention of clogging is possible by routine cleaning of the drains and removal of silt and sediments etc. pre monsoon cleaning is a must to prevent damages to road surface during floods and inconvenience to the local residents.

Blockages generally occur due to misuse of drains by public by throwing rubbish, garbage and unwanted material into the drains. It is usually seen in several towns that sullage water is let into the drains –Blockages are usually indicated by retarded flow and sometimes by unpleasant our during the process of flushing. Under such condition immediate steps should be taken to locate the obstruction and to remove it.