The Municipal Engineer and his team of Engineers and staff are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining this service.

The Survey work and the preparation of Estimate for Under Ground Drainage System in respect of Virudhunagar Municipality has been done by M/s. Shah Technical consultants Private Ltd. After the completion of survey work Estimates prepared for Rs. 32.62 crores and yearly maintenance cost for Rs. 53.40 Lakhs. The Municipal Council has resolved in its resolution No. 283 dated 29.06.04 to meet out the expenditure. Necessary proposals have been submitted to the Government through Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Chennai vide this office letter Roc. No.2550/03/E1 dated 12.05.04 to get the Administrative Sanction’s is accorded for a revised estimate for Rs.23.25 Crores. The  work was under taken by TWAD and the work is in progress and will be completed within 2008.


  • Operation and maintenance of installations relating to sewerage system
  • Sanctioning of new house hold sewerage connections and maintenance of house hold connections
  • Maintenance of sewerage Treatment plant and sewerage farms
  • Cleaning of septic Tanks
  • Revenue Collection

Response Time for Complaint Redressal
Underground Sewerage Connection .. Nil

  1. Septic Tank Cleaning
Details Time Schedule
1. Receipt of Application / Remittance of fees At the Information Centre on the spot
2. Cleaning of Septic tank Within 2 days

Needed Cooperation from Citizens

  • Do not throw other waste including animal waste and debris into the sewage lines
  • Do not connect sewage outlets to public open drains or roadsides
  • Adhere to safety measures before entrusting cleaning of septic tanks etc to private persons
  • Do not tamper with sewage connections
  • Pay tax and service charges promptly
  • Avoid environment pollution or nuisance due to your facility

Whom to Contact for Service Deficiency

Designation and timings
  • Initial complaint
  • Second contact
  • Third contact

(If deficiency persists)

Sanitary Inspector

Municipal Health Officer


The under ground drainage scheme is not provided in this town. Now the Government have proposed to implement the U.G.D scheme in every district Head Quarters. Hence the scheme has sanctioned to thismunicipality.

Necessary project proposal have been prepared through private consultants . After getting necessary approval from the Govt. the project was now undertaken by TWAD and the work is in progress and will be completed by 2008.The sewerage scheme for the town has been designed for a period of 30 years. The ultimate population to be served has been estimated as 93,000 in 20038. The sewerage generation from the town has been taken as 80 lpcd including infiltration. The ultimate wastewater generationisexpectedtobe7.74mld.
The topography of the town is generally slopes from center of town towards all the directions with levels between +102m to 89.0m. the nature of topography warrants consideration of 6 catchments areas (2 pumping stations & 4 Lift stations) of collection system to aid gravity flow. The proposed sewer system covers the entire area of town expect a few stretches in the peripheral area.

Area : 6.64 Sq.Km.
Status : Selection Grade Municipality
Wards: 36
Length of Streets : 77.52 Km.
Population (2001) : 73,003
Population (2008) : 77,000
Intermediate Population (2023) : 85,000
Ultimate Population (2038) : 93,000
Present Water Supply Level : 40 lpcd
Allocated Water Supply as per
TWAD BOARD Master Plan : 90 lpcd
Nature of Soil : 0 – 1.5 m Clay Soil
1.5 to 5.0 m Soft Disintegrated Rock
>5.5 m Hard Rock
Sewage Flow Anticipated : 80 lpcd
Total anticipated flow
(inter mediate Stage) : 6.8 mld
Total anticipated flow
(ultimate Stage) : 7.44 mld
No. of collection system : 2 Pumping Station &
4 Lift Stations (6 Zones)
Length of Sewers : Total 74.450 Km
(RCC pipes 15.04 km; SW pipes 64.58 Km)
Pumping Stations : PS 1, 2 & Lift Stations LS 1, 2, 3,4
Total Length of pumping main : 5.11 Km (100 to 500 mm dia)
Method of Treating Sewage at STP : Waste Stabilization Pond

Components of STP   Screen Chamber    Grit Chamber
Parshall flume                   Anaerobic Pond (3 No’s)
Facultative Ponds (3 No’s)
Polishing Ponds (3 No’s)

Total Cost of the Project                             : Rs.23.25 Crores
Annual Operation & Maintenance Charge      : Rs.29.27 Lakhs