Water Supply


The per capital water supply for this town is 90 LPCD. At present 9338 connections were given against the total assesses of 19719 which is 48% coverage. In order to augment the water supply and renew the existing distribution net work system, a new scheme has been proposed under UIDSSMT

I.Source of Water Supply: River Tamirabarani

II.Number of OHT with capacity:8 Nos.

1. Pothigaiadi-0.30 Lakhs Litre

2.Dana-3.15 Lakhs Litre

3.Agasthiyarpuram 2.00 Lakhs Litre

4.Mettu Thangamman Kovil 2.00 Lakhs Litre

5.Muthaliyarpatti 0.60 Lakhs Litre

6.Meenachipuram 1.00 Lakhs Litre

7.Iruthayakulam 2.00 Lakhs Litre

8.Ayyanarkulam 0.30 Lakhs Litre

III. Number of GLR

2 Nos.Vambalanthanparai – 14.00 Lakhs Litre YanaiParai –

2.00 Lakhs Litre

IV. Length of pumping main and size : 14.525km.450mm & 400 mm

CI BCL & 200 to 90mm OD PVC Pipe

V.Length of Distribution main and diameter: 59.740 km.160 to

90mm OD PVC Pipe,100mm to 80mm GI Pipe

VI.Location of water treatment with capacity:Pothigaiadi

5.70 MLD