Solid Waste Management


There is no underground drainage system in the town.About 85% of house holds have been covered by individual flush out latrines and 15% is covered by public toilets.

The town generates about 12 metric tones of solid waste daily.The collection Mechanism consists of 1 mini lorry, 1 power tiller.It is segregation in to degradable and non degradablewaste.The degradable waste in used for making compost. Garbage are being for mud and lift is for decomposition in the compost yard located at Ambasamudram road in Vickramasingapuram.

The sanitation of this town is maintained with the use of sanitary workers.The public health section has one sanitary inspector and three Sanitary Supervisors. The Executive Officer is the overall Supervisor for all the activities related to maintenance of Sanitation of this town.
The daily garbage generation is 12.00 MT.

Details of Solid Waste Management

Description of services Status

Total Solid Waste Generation/day (in MT)12 MT
Total Solid Waster Collection/day (in MT)12 MT
% of coverage99.5 MT
Frequency of collectionDaily