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Papanasam in Tirunelveli District is situated at a distance of 45 km from Tirunelveli, 30 kms from Courtralam, 180 kms from Madurai and 142 kms from Tiruvanadapuram etc. The nearest rail head is Ambasamudram (8 km). Nearest Airport are Tiruvandrum and Madurai. This holy place is on the Western ghat of Pothigai Hills.


According to Legend that on Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva and Gods from all over the Universe had gathered together to witness the marriage of the Lord with Goddess Parvathi this exceeding at on place caused the northern part of the world being to loose equilibrium on seeing this, Lord Shiva send the Sage Agasthiya, who had also come to Kailash to hurry to south of the Pothigai Hills in order to restore equilibrium. Sage Agasthiya was very sad disappointed that he would have to miss the wedding, where upon Shiva consoled him and assured him that he gave with Parvathi wedding seen.

As assured sage Agasthiya proceeded to South of Pothigai Hills and restored the equilibrium of the world. Then after the wedding was over. Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvathi came to Pothigai Hills and gave Dhurshan with wedding seen before sage Agasthiya.

Legend has it that is was close to the Papanasam falls on the bank of the Thamirabarani river that Lord Shiva and Parvathi appeared before Agasthiya. The falls come to be known as the ‘Agasthiyar falls’ to commemorate the visit of the divine couple. So the Agasthiya temple was built there. The Panatheertham falls, the water falls of Papanasam (Kalyanatheertham and Agasthiya falls) together with the Thamirabarani river are all a seared waters. There are 2 temple, along it’s course, one at Sorimuthaiyan kovil and other at Agasthiyar temple near Papanasam power station.

1. Papanasam Temple

The Papanasam temple is situated at a distance of 50 Kms from Tirunelveli. The Presiding deities are Lord Shiva and goddess Ulagambal. This is one of the important temples in Tirunelveli. This temple was built 700 hundred years ago and is located on the banks of river Thamiraparani. It is believed that if one takes a dip in the river here, all sins would be washed away and hence the place is called Papanasam (Papam – Sin, Nasam – Destruction). The festival that is conducted during the Tamil Month of Chithirai is very famous.


This temple is situated at a distance of 4 kms from Papanasam. The temple is located at the foot hill of the hillock Pothigai amidst a sylvan surroundings. Hence people flock to this place from far off. The water falls have are a blessing since water flows all through the year. The sage Agasthiar is said to have bathed here.


When the marriage between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi was held at the holy Himalayan, the whole world gathered there to witness the celestial wedding. The place, unable to bear the weight of the people, went down and the south went up. Lord Shiva, to balance the world, sent sage Agasthiar to the south to do the job. The place where be stood and balanced the world became famous as Lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi showed their wedding to sage Agasthiar in the South. Hence this place is called Kalyana Theertham. (Kalyana – Marriage)


This is located in the Mountain at a distance of 4 km from Papanasam Temple. Regular buses are available from Papanasam. This Hydro Electric Power Station generates 35.09 million units per day located on the way of Agasthiyar falls, temple and Kalyanatheertham.


This temple is situated on the way to karayar Dam. This temple is in the hands of Zameen Singampatti Samasthanam. Adi Ammavasai is celebrated with much favour and religiosity. The Lord blesses all the devotees from here.


This is one of the main Dam built in the Pothigai Hills in Tirunelveli District. Namely Kariyar Dam and height of the dam is 143 Feet.


This is one of the main Dam built in the Pothigai Hills in Tirunelveli District. Namely Servalar Dam and height of the dam is 156 Feet


This is situated at the back of Karayar Dam. This falls gives water to the Karayar Dam. Here also the water flows from the falls all through the year and attracts tourists from all places.


This Tiger sanctuary near by located in the hill on the way to Upper dam from Papanasam. Regular buses are available to the sanctuary.

10. RC Church (Kebi Koil):

The famous Roman Catholic Church is situated Eastern side of the city. The ten days celebration takes place during month of February every year. Around the 1 lakhs devotees from Tamil Nadu and Kerala State are visiting the church to worship the God.

11. Thooya Pethuru Alayam (CSI Church):

The famous CSI church is situated in the western side of the city Three days celebration takes place during the month of December


There 3 Mosques in Vickramasingapuram area.