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Temple History (Arulmigu Veerakkumaraswamy temple)

600 years ago this area is a forest .On those period there is Aantha kula Nallana Gounder, Thanam seya kula palani gounder, salem chinnamalai gounder, Devana Gounder, mada kula sellappa gounder are notable persons. Nallana gounder son mudali gounder appoints santhana nadar for cattle management in his garden. At that time a cow was not having milk. It lost it somewhere. Nallana gounder suspects santhana nadar. When this habit continued by the cow, santhana nadar worried. Finally, santhana nadar found, the cow poured its milk in a sandcastle (puttru). Day after, mudali gounder also seen the same scene. When the cow poured the milk at puttru, there is a snake appeared as a childish face and ate the milk. Mudali gounder astonished, and called this is resemblance of lord muruga, so, he named this god veera kumaran, veera kumar, veera kumaraa! Mudali gounder arranged to build a temple, and announced it through santhana nadar. These are the traditional informations.

Temple Construction

The temple construction began on the 18th century. The building work begins at 24.06.1974 and Kumbhabheshegam done on 05.09.2005. Royal Tower and temple car are the majestic of the temple. 18 siddhars and kannimar swamisgal, Veera kumar’s foot wear, Balavinayagar statue, Sellappa gounder, Palani gounder statue, salem Chinnamalai gounder, Naripalani gounder, Kumarappa gounder statue’s and Karuppana swamy, Pechiamman temples are also installed in the temple premises.


At the south of the temple’s outside path, there is a puttru (Sand tower)


Potli, it is likely the cracker using in this temple, is a another feature of this temple.

Sthala Vircham

In this temple has karkkattan Tree.and also people worship the tree as divine.