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History and Growth of the Town

Vellakovil Second Grade Municipality is located 48 km away from of Tiruppur and located in Tiruppur in the State of Tamil Nadu. The average annual rainfall is 529 mm and the maximum temperature varies from 28ºC to 32ºC. The town is well connected by bus route. The town is about 650 Km from the capital city to Chennai.

The Area of the town is 64.75 Sqkm. As per the final figures released by the census 2001, the town has population of 34509. Main occupation of the people in the town is Text tails.

This town was first constituted as village panchayat from year of 1938 subsequently from 04-12-1977 it was reconstituted as town panchayat and reconstructed as Third Grade Municipality on the date of 01.10.2004. Vellakovil Municipality as reconstructed as Second Grade Municipality on the date of 09.08.2010

The town and its surroundings pleasant moderate climate with summer from March to May. December to February constitutes dry period with clear, bright weather. The town receives moderate rain during north east and southwest monsoon.