Water Supply

Existing Situation :

The Existing protected Water Supply Scheme executed during 1974 Comprising of the following.  The source for the scheme is Palar sub surface water from 3 Nos. of 4.5 M dia & depth of 11.5 m. Another water supply improvement scheme executed during 1998 comprises of 1 No. of 4.5 m dia and 10 m dept of infiltration well at Vadakkupattu. The water pumped from the above two Head works collected in 5m dia & 12m dept of collection well filled with 50 HP located at Kodaiyanchi. Further the TWAD Board has executed one water supply scheme under Golden Jubliee Scheme 2001 with 30 : 70 grant and loan at the cost of 443 Lakhs at Ramaiyan Thoppu (Kallar) consists of a sump capacity 2.75 L.L. width dia 10.25m and dept of 3.5m. Both the schemes proposed to supply 9.23 MLD of water to Vaniyambadi Municipality. Now both the schemes is able to produce only 5 MLD now.

S.No Name of the Reservoirs Capacity in lakh.
1 Periyapet 3
2 Fort
3 Amburpet 5
4 Weekly Sandy
5 Busstand 9
6 Newtown 6
7 Nethaji Nagar 1
Nethaji Nagar 2 1
10 Jeeva Nagar

Water Quality :
The treated water sample for the town indicates that the P.H. Value 7.4 is below the permissible for the drinking purpose and the turbidity level of NTU against the norms of IONTU indicates (Slight whitish is normally allowed for the storage and distribution system drinking purpose other wise the water is very safe quality. The current practice of water transmission and distribution indicate that the water is drawn from Palar river Bank and transmitted to the over head tanks of using Palar in the town as mentioned above. From there the water is distributed for the local supply through individual service connections & public fountains at various location. For the purpose of storage and wider coverage the town is sub-divided in to 10 zones and water distributed to the public through 55.19 K.M. & distribution network

House Service Connections

At present, the Vaniyambadi Municipality has provided 6383 individual metred connections of which 6106 Nos of Domestic & 277 Nos. of Non Domestic Connections Nearly 144 Public fountains provided to supply protected water supply in the town Nearly 286 India Mark hand pump Borewells are provided at various places of the town. It is estimated that nearly 90 % of the public are covered by this distribution system.

Demand & Supply

The over all demand & supply of water in this town is inadequate for the present population.