Road Network

The road network is well established in the region; as National Highway 46 , which connects Krishnagiri to Vellore passes through this town from South to North direction and surrounding urban centers are Ambur Tirupattur Since Vaniyambadi is located at attitude of 351.31 m. from sea level Town.

Municipal Roads

Vaniyambadi Municipality maintenance 58.277 Km of roads and streets. Specially, the roads like Krishnagiri to Vellore National Highways road (N.H. 46) and a particulars length of 2.80 km are maintained by National Highways Department In general the carriageway width of the main roads is inadequate in certain areas and further widening is extremely difficult of the roads are surfaced with Bituminous Top (roads & Cement Concrete Road 29% of the roads are un-surfaced roads as WBM and earthen Road 12% of the Road. The details of road network is shown in Table.

Local Road Network Details

Local Road Network Details

Surface Type   Km     % Road Maintained by State National High Ways Total Length
Km    %
Cement Concrete 23.69 27 —- 16.844
Bituminous 34.11 62 3.50  (N.H)   100.00

3.00 ( S.H.)  100.00

WBM —- —- ——
Earthen 10.00 11 6.974
87.80 100.00 64.277