Public Health

The Municipal Health Officer , Sanitary Inspector is the  overall in-charge of the Health Section. They looks after the Conservatory work, Sweeping, Drain cleaning, prevention of Food Adulteration, streets, maintenance of Controlling of epidemic diseases, ensuring of license to D&O trades, Birth and Death Registration, issuing certificate to birth and death registration.The Sanitary Supervisor, and Sanitary Workers are assisting the Sanitary Inspector.  They are responsible for the Collection segregation, transportation of garbage and to produce mannure at Compost yard through the wet wastes collected in the town.  The Maternity centers are also functioning under the supervision of Municipal Health Officer.

S.No.  Name (Thiruvalargal/ Thirumathigal) Designation
1 S.R. Ganesh Medical Health Officer
2. R.Senthilkumar Sanitary Inspector
3 Vaccant Sanitary Inspector
4 Vaccant Sanitary Inspector
5 Post Vacant Sanitary Inspector
6 Post Vacant Sanitary Inspector
7 Post Vacant Urban Health Nurse
8 S.Puzhalendhi Urban Health Nurse
9 D. Manimegalai Urban Health Nurse
10 Post Vacant Maternity Ayah
11. Post Vacant Maternity Ayah
12 Post Vacant Maternity Ayah
13 Post Vacant Sanitary Supervisor
14 R. Elangovan Sanitary Supervisor
15 Post Vacant Sanitary Supervisor
16 D.J. Deva Asirvatham Sanitary Supervisor
17 G. Soundara Rajan Sanitary Supervisor
18. Vaccant Sanitary Supervisor
19 S. Gajendran Sanitary Supervisor
20 P. Perumal Sanitary Supervisor
21 K. Arul Sanitary Supervisor
22 D.Alexander Sanitary Supervisor
23 K. Krishna Moorthy Driver
24 M. Kumaran Driver
25 S. Kabali Driver
26 N.Saravanan Field Assistant
26 Post Vacant Cleaner