Computerization and e-Governance

e-governance at Vaniyambadi Municipality is aimed to provide on-line citizen services, information to all hierarchies and monitor the performances. It is in practice that citizens are approaching the respective Urban Local Bodies to pay their revenues, get certificates, approvals for construction of Building and run a business, etc.

Adopting e-governance, the above activities are simplified and made possible at their nearest Banks, Citizen counters and Information and Facilitation counter at the Municipality.

By e-governance, the services of Vaniyambadi Municipality can be made Easy, Transparent, Accountable and Quick. The Citizens may be informed but their dues and revenue generation will be faster and easier.

The manual records have been updated and all the following records have been computerized :

1. Property Tax
2. Water Charges
3. Birth and Death
4. Financial Accounting System
5. Non – Tax (Lease Items)
6. D & O and PFA ( Trade Licenses)
7. Building Plan Approvals
8. Professional Tax
10. Solid waste management