Sewerage Existing Situation

Existing Situation.

Udhagamandalam Municipality is a special grade Municipality in 30.67 sq. km area with a population of 93921 as per 2001 census. A restricted under ground drainage scheme for this Municipality at a cost of Rs.12.60 crores was implemented by the TWAD board and handed over to this Municipality on 19.10.2000 for maintenance. A total area of 12.95 of this town is covered under this scheme. This scheme has been bifurcated as North and South zones. The underground drainage pipe to a total length of 54.10 Km has been laid under this scheme covering 30.60 Km in South Zone and 23.50 Km in North zone. A drainage pumping station is functioning near Childrens park. The entire sewage water is stored in this pumping station and pumped to the treatment plant of 5 MLD capacity situated on the other side of the Ooty Lake, wherein the sewage water is treated and the treated water is drained out in Sandinallah  Channal. This scheme was designed to serve 3960 house service connections. Even after the implementation of the above scheme there are some uncovered areas and also due to the increase in number of new houses the sullage and sewage water let out by the above dwellings into the Kodappamund Channel through the open drains, pollutes the Ooty lake.

Providing Under Ground Drainage Scheme to the Uncovered Areas

The Municipal Council in its resolution Nos,736 dated 20.12.2002 and 1774 dated 14.9.2004 has resolved to request the Government to implement an under ground drainage improvements scheme, so as to cover the entire town. M/s Consulting Engineering Services Pvt., Ltd. Chennai has been authorized   to take survey of the unserved areas and to submit a report. The above firm has submitted the Project Report for an estimated cost of Rs.5.72 Crores which was submitted to the Government for Administrative Sanction.