Preethi Group of Hotels – Ooty
Coonoor Road, Ootacamund – 643001
Phone: 0423-2223666/6768, Fax: 0423-2223999
Mobile: 09442606507
Vinayaga Hotel Ooty
36-C, Garden Road, Ootacamund – 643001
Phone: 0423-2444395
Fax: 0423-2444394
mobile: 09600817772
Hotel Holiday Inn Gem Park,
Sheddon Rd, Ooty
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0423-2442955
Hotel Howard Johnson The Monarch,
Off Havelock Rd, Church Hill
Tamil Nadu
Hotel Sinclaris Ooty,
Gorishola Rd,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0423-2444309
Hotel Fern Hill Palace,
Fern Hill Road
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0423-2442555
Palve Sugavasam
Bishop Town road, Ramakrishna Puram, Ooty – 643003
Phone: 0423-2445557/2445255, Mobile: 9841075288/ 9841647145
Hotel Durga
Ettines Road, (Near Charing Cross Post Office) Ootacamund – 643001
Phone: 0423-2443837/2443598, Fax: 0423-2443237
Hotel Orchid INN
#4-C, Coonoor Road, ooty-1
Phone: 0423-2442861/2443871, Mobile: 9443252123
Hotel Golden City
Showram Palace Road ( Behind S.M. Hospital), Coonoor Road, Ooty – 1
Phone: 0423-2440948, 2450324
Hotel Ess Enn Park
109-E, Ettines Road, Charming Cross, Ooty – 1
Phone: 0423-2445142, Mobile: 9486956109
Hotel Sree Ganapathy
Baikie Road, Ooty – 643001
Phone: 0423-2441065/2441526
Monarch Hotel
Havelock Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442955
The Willow Hill
Havelock Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442686
Ooty Gate Hotel
Coonoor Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442059
Sterling Resorts
Elk Hill, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442093
Hotel Nahar
Charing Cross, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443683
Hotel Charing Cross
Garden Road,
Phone: 0423-2442487
Mayura Sudarsan
Fern Hill, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443828
Hotel Preethi Palace
Ettins Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2444469
Hotel Khems
Ettins Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442561, 2444188
Hotel Nilgiri Woodlands
Ettins Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2445991
Hotel Blue Hill International
State Bank Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2444466
Lake View Cottage
North Lake Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443904
Hotel Blue Bird
Coonoor Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-445465
Hotel Sapphire Paradise
Ettins Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443866
Hotel Dasaprakash
Ettins Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442434
Hotel Darshan
Opp. to Boat House, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443807
Hotel Garden View
Ettins Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442361
Hotel Tamil Nadu I
Charing Cross, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2444376
Hotel Tamil Nadu II
Youth Hostor, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443665
Maduvana Holiday Inn
Garden Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2444394
Hotel Gangothri
Mysore Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2443226
Hotel Jaishanthi
Mysore Road, Ooty
Phone: 0423-2442185