Storm Water Drains

The existing drainage condition of Usilampatti consists of drainage system is due to(Strom water open drains). Due to the nature terrain condition, all the man – made Strom water drains are connected with Odai.

The present condition of Strom water drains also carries the sullage and sewage water, which ultimately carried by the Odaiin the down steams area .This possion a health and environmental hazard to the natural water system need to be addressed through a proper treatment facility for the sewage water let into Odai..

Altogether the existing Strom water drains characterized by the low carrying capacity due to encroachments in the urban area, which reduces the regular flow and add constraint to the existing drainage system.

Municipal Strom Water Drainage System
Usilampatti town has Up & Down slopes, which drain the Strom water. Moreover, the Urban Local Body also provides pucca water drainage facility in the major portion of the town. The existing Strom water drains mainly carry the wastewater disposal and in many places the Strom water drains are functioning as wastewater drains, which create environmental problems and need regular maintenance by the ULB, is show in Table.

Drain Type Length (`km) Percentage Coverage (%)
Open pucca/surfaced 16.50 30%
Kutcha/Unlines 13.96 26%
Total drains (Km) 30.460 56%
No drainage facilities 24.00 44%
Total road length (Km) 27.230 100%

The information provided in the above Table indicates that nearly 30% of the roads are provided with Strom water drainage facilities and the rest of 70% roads are not provided with drains, which are drained through available natural terrain condition. The observation relating to Strom water drainage facility indicates inadequate planning and designing, as majority of the drains are provided in bits and pieces without any integration between the drains, this is due to the presence of scattered development and undulated terrain condition in Usilampatti town.