Important GOs and Notifications

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Gazette Notifications

Date Gazette Notification
28.02.2017 SWM- SUC By-Law
28.02.2017 SWM- SUC – Plastic Waste Management By-Law
10.05.2020 TNCDB Rules 2019 Gazette Notification No. 188
25.05.2022 General Revision of Property Tax – GR 2022 – Gazette Notification No. 14

Government Orders

Date Government Orders
09.12.2020 TNCDBR-Processing of Simplification in granting approval for Layout/Sub-Division
25.01.2021 Regularisation of Unapproved Plots – GO No. 16
20.05.2019 G.O.(Ms) No.61, Dated:20.05.2019 – Election to ULB 2019-Councillors of Municipalities-Reservations
17.01.2022 G.O.(Ms) No.11, Dated:17.01.2022 – Election to ULB 2022-Chairman of Municipalities-Reservations