Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

The area of Ulundrupet Municipality is 12.50 Sq.kms with a population of 23734 as per 2011 census. The Total No. of households is 6180 and the daily Garbage Generation in the Town is 8.00 M.Ts.

  1. Primary Collection

Door to Door collection is done through 15 BOV and 2 Nos. of LCV. Segregation to be done in due course.

  1. Secondary Collection

All the collected garbage’s are lifted regularly Source Segregation to windrows with the following Vehicles. Tipper Lorry 2 No. and Tractor 1 No

Compost Yard:

At present the Municipality is having 2.01 acres of Compost Yard. Road formation work is in the Compost Yard is completed. All the dumping garbage’s to Bio Mining Work will be taken up simultaneously.

Compost Yard 2.18
No.of Ward Door to Door Collection 27
Quantity of Garbage
No.of Push Carts 32
No.of Dumper Placer Bin
No.of Vehicle  13
Dumber Placer
Tipper Lorry
Mini Tipper Lorry 2
Compactor Lorry
Jet Rodding Vehicle
Desiliting Vehicle
Skid steer Loader
Tractor 1
Street Sweeping
Mini Excavator