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About Municipality

The town has grown into a Municipality in the year 1918 and latter upgraded to Second Grade Municipality in 1970. By status it was declared as first Grade Municipality in 1979 and then a Selection Grade Municipality from 1984. The extent of the Municipality is 7.41 of which 6.582 are under urban use and 0.828 are under non-urban such as agricultural etc.  It is located abutting the National Highway connecting between Dindugul and Mysore. It is also otherwise well connected by Roads and Railway. Being situated in the near foot hill of western Ghats blessed with copious water resources from dams. It attracts people of many walks of life. Being a calm medium sized town having fairly good access and year long cool climate attracts many settlers. Top among them are the officials last posted in Udumalpet or near by area select and settle in Udumalpet.

The town within the range of 50kms (straight distance from Udumalpet are Pollachi, Palladam, Dharapuram, Palani and Valparai.  This town is an important trading center for cotton, jiggery, rice and other food grains. It has also 5 large scale, 12 medium scale and 105 small scale industries. Udumalpet is a Municipality and a Taluk Head Quarters. It has 33 Elected Wards. The Municipality is administrated by a Commissioner supported by Municipal Engineer. Town Planning Officer, Manager, Health Officer and other staff. The Council has 11 lady members 22 Male members headed by a Chairman.  Udumalpet is located in a favorable pleasing atmosphere of being situated in the Palaghat gap of the western ghat. The annual rainfall is about 500mm/annum. The maximum and minimum temperature are 39.0’ and 15.0’C and located in an altitude of about 120 mt above.               Read



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Thiru P. Balamurugan, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,


149/263 C.K. Road,
Phone Office :04252-223885




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Municipality at a Glance

    District  : Tiruppur
    Region   : Tiruppur Region
  • Head Quarters:
    State       : Tamil Nadu
  • AREA
    Total  : 7.41 Sq.Kms
    Rural  :
    Urban :
    Total   : 61133
    Male   : 29958
    Female : 31175

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