Engineering Section

This department is headed by the City Engineer to assist the Commissioner. There is one Executive Engineer for every two zones. There is one Assistant Executive Engineer for each of the four zones and a Assistant / Junior Engineer for every three or four wards. The engineering department is responsible for undertaking development works, maintenance of roads, water supply, drainage, sewerage systems, street lights and Town Planning of the Corporation. The details under each item are given below:

Public roads and their maintenance, construction of bridges culverts, cause – ways drains, revetments on the public roads for the communication and transportation for the public safety and convenience are important function of the Corporation. The Corporation may make layout , from new public streets, turn or divert the street or close any public street. Road work is the most important infrastructural work in any urban area.

Construction and maintenance of buildings for the Corporation are being under taken regularly. Laying of new roads, providing paths, traffic islands center media and under taken and maintained by the Corporation every year.

Water Supply:
The Tiruchirappalli City Corporation is expected to supply adequate quantity of protected water for drinking and other essential house – hold needs. The Corporation should be in a position to supply 103 litres of protected water per day per head. Water Supply schemes are executed through the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board and are financed by way of loans from Government and L.I.C.

The Sources of receipt for the water- supply fund are :
” Water tax levied as a component of the Property Tax on properties ” ; and
” Water charges collected for private connections ”

Expenditure on this are:
” Expenditure on maintenance, current consumption charges and payment of Salary to the Staff:
” Payment of annuity of loan.

The perennial Cauvery River is the major source of water supply for Tiruchirappalli City Municipal Corporation. The protected water supply scheme is introduced in 1895 with the head works located on the bank of river Cauvery at Kambarasampettai, which is 3 Kms away from the City. The original water supply scheme comprises of 3 infiltration wells supplied limited quantity of water to its inhabitants. Due to increase in population and demand for water, the improvements were carried out in Head Works by providing additional wells in 1932, 1962 and 1975. Inundation caused damage to the wells located int eh head works and latter abandoned. To substitute these sources 12 deep bore wells of 1o inches diameter were provided at selected locations on the river bank of cauvery at Kambarasampettai to maintain the regular supply.