Under Ground Sewerage Scheme (UGSS)



1 Administrative sanction Vide  G.O.M.S.No:3(D)19  MA3(2) Dated: 04.09.06 for Rs.2893 Lakhs
2 Revised Administrative sanction Vide G.O.No:3(D)21 (MA3) Dated:31.12.09  for Rs.3787 Lakhs   
3 Tender Date Package I & II – 28.03.2007,
Package III-18.03.2009
4 Work Order date Package I & II – 23.10.2007,
Package III-12.06.2009
5 Date of completion 12.05.2014
6 Date of Inauguration 26.06.2014
7 Total No. of UGD covered ward 24
8 Total No.of UGD fully covered ward 22
9 Total No.of UGD partly covered ward 2
10 Total connection as per DPR 8559
Technical Specification  
Technology ASP
STP 1 No.
STP Capacity 8.70 MLD
No. of Lifting station 6 Nos.
No. of Pumping station 1 No.
Length of Sewer mains 48.728 km
Total No. of Manholes 1908 No.
Length of Pumping Mains 2.70 km
Dia meter of Screen well 3.00m
Dia meter of Grit well 5.10m
By – Pass well 3.00m
Suction Well 10.60m