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History and Growth of the Town

     Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation is located in the Tiruppur District of the State of Tamil Nadu.

      Tiruppur, a Textile city, is the Administrative Head Quarters of Tiruppur District and is one of the most important industrial centers of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated at a distance of 448 KMs to the South-West of State Capital Chennai and at the intersection 70 ° 22’ Longitude and 11 °6’ Latitude. The average Elevation of the Town is 295 M (967 feet). River Noyyal, originating from the Velliangiri Hills and flowing through the city centre in the Easterly direction and the Western Ghats on the near west, are the major geographical features of this region. Spread over an area of 159.35 Sq.km.

     Tiruppur is one of the largest towns in the State, with a population of 877778 in 2011, the economy of the town revolves around the manufacture of hosiery and cotton products. The hot and dry climate prevailing in the hot and dry climate prevailing in the region has been one of the various factors contributing to the growth of the hosiery industry in the town. Tiruppur has gained universal recognition as the leading source of Hosiery, knitted garments, casual wear and sportswear.
     The town is well-connected with a good road network. Major National and State Highways connect and pass through the City now. Government Transport Corporations ply a large number of buses in all directions and routes. Private transports and mini-bus services are also operated day and night to bring the workforce and non-resident population into the town and back to their places. The Municipal Corporation has recently constructed a big state-of the art bus stand with all required facilities in the heart of the City. In addition to this ‘Class A’ bus stand, another ‘Class B’ Bus stand in the City is also catering to the needs of the travelling public. Round the clock rail facilities are also available and there is direct rail linkage to Delhi and State capital. The nearest Airport is the Coimbatore Airport.

     The Municipal Corporation has provided essential services like water supply, sewerage, Street lighting, waste management, residential colonies roads, drains, markets, maternity services. Large number of hospitals with best facilities and latest equipments are located in the City.

     The Jaivabai Girls Higher Secondary School, Tiruppur has the India’s second largest number of students studying. It is remarkable that it is a school exclusive for Girls.
     The economy of the town is concentrated around the cotton trade and the hosiery products market. The City has earned the name of “KNITWEAR CAPITAL OF INDIA‘. It has also earned the name of “Knit city”, “Cotton city” and “Dollar city” and the businessmen from all over world and all leading brands in the world come to the City to do business with the industries in the City and around it. A work force of nearly three lakhs, roughly 50% is women, is employed in these industries.