Public Health


Head of  Department

S.No Name & Designation Address & Phone
1 City Health Officer

Health Wing

Vital Statistics:

1. Census Population                                        411831

2. Mid Year Population                                      420518

3. Population receiving health

services from Corporation                                354146

4. Birth rate                                                          17.3

5. Death Rate                                                         4.8

6. Infant Mortality Rate                                          21.1

7. Maternal Mortality Rate                                        1.6

8. CPR                                                                  61.9


Functions of Health Wing


1.      Medical Services

2.      Solid Waste Management

3.      Anti Mosquito Programme

4.      Prevention of Food adulteration

5.      Registration of Birth and Death

6.      SJSRY – Scheme.


The following services is provided under Medical Services

F                 In Patient / Out Patient Treatment

F                 Mother and Child Care

F                 Free Delivery

F                 Family Welfare Programme

F                 ECG and Scan Testing

F                 Tuberculoses Programme

F                 Leprosy Programme

F                 Aids – PPTCT  Programme

F                  School Health Programme


Staff  Position in Medical Side :

F                 Medical Officer (Allopathic)           9

F                 Medical Officer (Siddha)               2

F                 Pharmacist                                  3

F                 Staff Nurse                                 3

F                 Maternity Assistant                    10

F                 Multipurpose Health Worker        35

F                 Health Visitor                              8

F                 Computer Cum Clerk                  5

F                 F.N.A.                                        6

F                 Ayah                                        12


Medical Institution:

F                 Corporation Hospital                           2

F                 Urban Health Post                               8

F                 Maternity Home                                  1

F                 Dispensary(Allopathic)                        2

F                 Dispensary(Allopathic)Part time           4

F                 Dispensary (Siddha)                           2


Immunization Programme:   


In Tirunelveli Corporation  8  Urban Health Posts are doing Mother and Child Health service for the population of 3.5 Lakhs. Now 35 Multipurpose Health Worker are doing Out reach services . Every year 5990 Antinatal mother is being register and necessary MCH services are being given.  Likewise 5446 children are enrolled and giving all immunization vaccine  to prevent 6 killer disease. Last year performance was 101% in immunization activities.


Function of  Department


a)    Under Health wing 2 hospitals, 7 dispensaries and 8 health posts are functioning.

Through hospital and dispensaries, out patient services , inpatient services , deliveries are being carried out by qualified Medical Officers and para medical staffs.

MCH services and out patient services are done by Medical Officers and para Medical staff and health posts.

All other public programme like AIDS control, Leprosy, Eradication, RNTCP, Blindness control etc are also implemented by the Health wing Officials.


The staff position and the programme wise achievement as follows:


1)  Medical Officers                     :   17

2)  Health Visitors                       :     8

3)  MPHW’s                                :   35

4)  Pharmacists                          :     5

5)  Computer cum Clerks            :     7

6)  Staff Nurse                            :     3

2005 – 2006 Immunization Achievement  :

In view to eradicate Polio Virus from the Soil of India . Pulse Polio Campaign had been started from 1995. All under 5 years children’s are immunized with 2 drops of Polio Vaccine( on booth basis).  House to house searching is also made to find out dropout children in the subsequent day.  In this mega campaign Public Health Department, Nutrition Department, Schools, NGO’s, Rotary and Revenue Department are involved. This year Pulse Polio Campaign was held on 9.4.2006 for the target children of 35365 and immunized 39214. Likewise on 21.05.2006 Porgramme 39613 children’s are immunized. Altogether 110% achieved. In this campaign Residential, Visitor, Transit Population in Bus stand, Railway Station were also covered.

S.No Name of  the vaccine Annual Target Achievement Percentage
1 TTEM 5990 6079 101
2 BCG 5446 5549 102
3 DPT 5446 5606 103
4 Polio 5446 5606 103
5 Measles 5446 5575 102

2005-2006 Family Welfare Performance

Every year all eligible couples were enumerated by the MPHW and advised for permanent as well as for temporary Family Welfare method. Last year 1818 sterilization cases fixed as a target. The performance is as follows:

S.No Name of  the vaccine Annual Target Achievement Percentage
1 Sterlization 1818 1731 95
2 IUD 2190 2220 101
3 Oral Pills (OP) 9855 7193 73
4 Condom 108000 104862 97

National Maternity Benefit Scheme 

In this scheme all below poverty mother are identified and given Rs.500- cash benefit for first two deliveries for nutritional support.  The eligible mothers were enlisted and scrutinized as per norms by the MPHW / Medical Officer and forwarded to City Health Officer. The City Health Officer will sent Rs. 500/- through money order . The funds allotment for this scheme is done by District Collector. In 2004-05 – 528 Mothers received the benefit.

AIDs – PPTCT Programme

Prevention of Parents to Child Transmission Programme was started in this Corporation during November 2003. Three Lab Technicians and Three Counsellors are working exclusively for this programme. All the field staff of health wing and the Medical officer were trained for HIV – AIDs. In the Hospital OP / ANC clinic all AN mother are advised to test for HIV. In this programme the transmission of HIV from pregnant mother to children is being prevented. Now 5148 mothers were registered and 4806 mothers were tested and identified 28 person as HIV Positive. The HIV infected patient were councelled and necessary nutrition food were also supplied to them. For this programme the state AIDs control society sponsor 100% grant. Till date Rs.2.5 lakhs received for this programme. Now this programme is extended as ICTC for all population.

Blood Donation Camp

Every year October 1st is being observe as voluntary blood notation day. On this day Rally, Speech competition and awareness programme were conducted. During October each zonal will have one blood donation camp. The blood collected during this camp are sent to Tiruneveli Medical College Hospital blood bank. In 2005,  4 camps were organized and 199 blood  donors were given blood.

Revised National Tuberculoses Programme

Revised National Tuberculoses Programme was started during 2002 in this Corporation.  4 Microscopic Centre is being established in Corporation area.  Suspected T.B. Patient were identified in OP and sent for sputum test at microscopic centre. After confirming the sputum test, the medicine regiment will start through UHP staff. In this programme 4195 patient were tested for sputum and identified 245 positive cases.

OP / IP performance (Yearly)

1. Hospital and Dispensary OP Treatment                     276732

2. Inpatient Treatment                                                   1344

3. Urban Health Post OP Treatment                              253260

4. Free Deliveries in Corporation Hospitals                        408

5. Out Patient Treatment in Siddha Dispensary               81996

B) Birth and Death Registration

All vital events like birds and deaths occurred in the corporation  areas are registered by Sanitary Inspector of this Corporations.  Birth and Death certificate are also issued to the public by the Sanitary Inspectors.

Prevention of  Food Adulteration

Prevention of  food adulteration  Act is implemented in the Corporation area by taking samples periodically from the vendors.

Diseases control programme

1.To prevent malaria, filarial and Japanese, Encephalitis routing spray work is done Corporation Area.

2. To control epidemic diseases like diarrhea, cholera, chlorination is being done regularly in the drinking water.

School health programme

All school children from 1st to XII std are examined and preliminary check up were done by two school medical teams of this corporation.

These teams are visiting the schools in the corporation area based on the fixed tour programme.

The students are being examined for health programmers, minor ailments are being treated by the medical teams.  Students who are having major health programmes are referred to TVMCH for surgical and medical treatment.