Places of Interest

Tirunelveli Tourism Information:

Manimuthar & Papanasam Dams: Papanasam Dam is located 49 Kms away from Tirunelveli. This is a beautiful picnic spot. Another dam in Tirunelveli Dictrict is Maninuthar Dam. This is 47 Kms away from Tirunelveli. Having salubrious climate and gorgeous gardens, it serves as an excursion centre.
Ariyakulam (13 Kms): A variety of birds congregate here in large numbers from March to June for breeding. Koonthakulam 30 kms. from Tirunelveli is another bird sanctuary.
Manjolai: It is a scenic beauty on the way to Upper Kodaiyar. It is a beautiful picnic spot worth visiting.
Upper Kodaiyar: It is located on the southern most tip of the Western Ghats bordering Kerala. It is a beautiful area where nature is at its best with verdant forests. Tea, Rubber and cardamon are grown here on a large scale. Manjolai is the best known place here. kakachi, Nalumukku, kuthiraivettii, Oothu are important locales where one can have beautiful panoramic view. A mini Golf Course is also available here.
Ayyanar Sunai: This centre is 40 Kms. from Tiruchendur. There is a natural “Spring” where one can get water throughout the year. A temple is dedicated to village deity Ayyanar. It is a good picnic centre. Nearby is a forest with sand dunes.
Tenkasi (53 kms) :The name itself implies that this town is Kasi(Varanasi) of south. The flag staff of the temple is note worthy for sculptural  beauty and is 400 years old.
Papanasam(42 kms):This holy place is on the western ghat of Pothigai hills. Lgend has it ,thet it was close to the Papanasam Falls,on the banks of Tamiraparani river that Siva and Parvathi appeared before Agasthiya,the falls came to be known as the”Agasthiya falls”.To commemorate the vist of divine couple,the Agasthya temple was built there.
Sankarankoil(56 kms):Sankarankoil is a unique temple dedicated to Sankaranarayana who is the combined manifestation of Siva and and Parvati. Twice in a year the sun’s rays fall on pedestal.
Kazhugumalai(56 kms):It wasone of the important centers of Jains. The bas-relief found here are the contributions  of Jain and are among the earliest of such works.the Vettuvan koil(siva temple) the rock-cut cave temple is worth visiting

Srivaikuntam (37 kms): Srivaikuntam is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as Srivaikuntapatiswami with a .lofty gopuram. The Thiruvengada mudaiyar Mandapam is rich with sculpture of Yalis, Elephents and Warriors. The Ekadasi Mandapam which is opened on Vaikunda Ekadasi days, contains exquisite sculptures. During the conflicting days of the East India company forces and Katta bomman, this temple served as a fort. The Kailasanatha swamy temple is an another important one. It contains six inscriptions of the times of Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.

Manapad (70 kms): Holy Cross Church at Manapad is an ancient one. It was built in the year 1581. Thousands congregate during the festival season from 1-14th September every year. The church is associated with St. Francis Xavier.

Krishnapuram (13kms): There is a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The presiding deity is Thiruvenkatanathar. There are a number of life-size sculptures in this temple with intricate workmanship.

Kulasekarapattinam: The Mutharamman temple 20 kms from Tiruchendur is known for the popular Dasara festival in September-October where folk dance artists from all over the State participate in the festival. It is a coastal village with a fine beach.
Tuticorin (48 kms):This town is a major industrial and commercial centre and also a harbour. SPIC’s fertilizer, plant  a heavy water plant, etc. are located here. It is a major pearl fishing and salt production centre as well.

Ottapidaram (65kms): This is the birth place of V.O.Chidambaram, freedom fighter. His maiden venture in navigation against the East India Company caused his imprisonment. That is why he is popularly called as “Kappalottiya Thamizhan”. His home has now become a memorial.

Pathamadai (30 kms): It is known for its beautiful corai mats. This is also the birth place of Swami Sivanantha, the Saint and Philosopher.