General Section

General Administration

The City ofTirunelveli was constituted as Municipality in the year 1864 and it was subsequently as City Municipal Corporation on 1.6.94. Tirunelveli is one among the six Municipal Corporations in TamilNadu. The area included in the Corporation limit are Tirunelveli, Palayamkottai, Melapalayam, Municipalities, Thachanallur Tow panchayat and revenue villages like Alaganeri, Vellakoil, Senthimangalam, Thiruvannathapuram, Palayamkottai, Kariaiyiruppu, Thimmaraja puram, V.M.Chatram, Tharuvai, Melanatham, Karuppandurai and kandiaperi part of village panchayat, Rajagopalapuram in Nochikulam village panchayat and the part of Narasinganallur village.

Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation was constituted on 1.6.94 under sec.8 of Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation Act 1994 as ordered by the Government in G.O.Ms. No: 152 MAWS Department dated 31.5.94. The newly formed Corporation consists of 55 wards and these wards are grouped into four Zonal ward committees.


Ward councilors elected by voters of the City. The Councilors elected by a Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Appointment committee member among them. Ward committee chairman elected by ward councilors of the respective zone. Ward committee is the heads of the zonal.


The following six Committee members elected by ward councilors. Nine members in each committee out of nine 3 woman members are elected. Standing committee chairman elected by the standing committee members. 1. Accounts Committee 2) Education Committee   3) Public Health Committee 4) Taxation and finance Committee 5) Town planning Committee 6) Works Committee


Commissioner was the head of all the executive wing and he is assisted by a team of officials, like City Engineer, Executive Engineer (Works) (Planning) Assistant Commissioners (Ward) Assistant Commissioner (Accounts) (Personnel), City Health officer, Organization flow chart is enclosed here with.


Municipal Corporation service Rules published in Tamil Nadu Government gazette extra-ordinary dated 27.9.96 (G.O. No: MAWS Department dated 26.9.96) this rules comes into force on the Ist day of October 1996.


The personnel Department of the Corporation functioned under Assistant Commissioner (Personnel). The duties of the personnel department like, Distribution of Tapals, all kind of establishment (i.e) appointments, promotions transfers, Disciplinary Action, public grievance, redress, Council computerization, issue of council resolution, conduct of Local body election. Census Work. etc.


Appointments on class I post are made by Government class II posts are made by council subject to confirmation by the Government. Class-III posts appointments made by Appointment committee.


As per 2001 census, Tirunelveli Corporation population is 411831 and an extent of 108.65 sq.kms.

Account Department

Preparation and submission of  Budget and Accounts are the main activities of this section.  Bills and disbursing salaries to employees are also main duties.  Settlement of  all audit objections are their primary duties.     Payment of all pensionary benefits to staff of corporation employees are from General Fund Pensionary benefits to Staff of Corporation employees are from General Fund Accounts.


Annual accounts up to 2005-06 have been sent to audit department and defects rectified progress monthly accounts upto September 2006 have been sent to Audit Department and monthly accounts of September 2006 in progress.

Accrual based Accounting System

New accrual accounting system is implemented from 1-4-2000 in wards. The following registers in the Accounts Section

  1. Bank Receipt Voucher
  2. Receipt Book
  3. Journal Voucher
  4. Bank Payment Voucher
  5. Payment Book
  6. Journal Registers
  7. Bills Inward Registers
  8. Chitta / Petty Cash Register
  9. General Ledger
  10. Advance Registers
  11. SPF Register
  12. FBF Registers
  13. Health Fund Registers.
  14. Permanent Advance Register
  15. Loan Register
  16. Deposit Register
  17. Grant MDR
  18. Audit Fees.