Engineering Section

Structure and Responsibilities

The Engineering and Water Supply Department of the Corporation functions under City Engineer and the Department is responsible for construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, water supply, drainages and underground drainage system and town planning.  The Department is also in charge of maintenance of Street Lights and Vehicles.  The Department assists in taking pulley decisions on all technical matters including new Projects for the development of Corporation.  He also monitors the water works of all Zonal Offices.  At the Zonal Office level the Assistant Executive Engineers implement all developmental activities of the Corporation and closely supervise the works of the 4-5 Unit Offices spread over their jurisdiction.  The  Unit Offices have a Junior Engineer/ Assistant Engineer at the threshold of each and every activity of the Corporation.  They also control the base level staff at their disposal.

Department Activities:


The Corporation maintain 742 km net work of roads of which 23% is cement concreted and 62% is block topped.  6% of the roads are maintained and the balance 9% is graveled.

Highways passing through the City

The Highways maintain 16.90 km of  roads and 26km of bus routes within the City, NH7 Kanyakumari bisects the City.  The State Highways, Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Sankarankoil also passes through the City.

Open Drains

The City has a net work of open drains for 189km and kutcha drain for 105km.

Underground Drainage System

An underground drainage scheme has been implemented in Tirunelveli City at an estimate cost of Rs. 52 Crores.  Above scheme has covered 190 Km Length of roads.

Projected Water Supply

The River Tamirabarani is the life one of the City and is the main source of drinking water supply for the city.  The per capita supply is maintained at 80-96 litres per capita per day.  In extension areas which are yet to be provided with distribution main, water supply is given through lorries.  Water is supplied to the consumers through 49734 nos. of  house service connections and to the urban poor through 1278 nos.  of  public fountains.  Bulk supply to institutions is also given which is metered.

Apart from water for drinking purpose, the City has hand bore wells and deep bore wells.  There are 48 small Over Head Tanks in the streets fitted with power pump over the bore wells.

Street Lights

The Street Lights in the City is maintained by the Corporation with the assistance to control transformers rendered by the State Electricity Board.  The City has 5810 of Sodium lights and 13279 of fluorescent tube lights and 6 nos. of Highmast lights.

Hand Pumps Maintenance  

Tirunelveli  Corporation has maintained 1355 Nos.of Handpumps and 146 Nos of power pumps. Due to the lack of staff strength the maintenance of Handpumps and power pumps has been privatized the year since 2005.  After privatization the defects on Handpumps reported by the public is attended within 48 hours.


There are 65 vehicles , of which 31 are used by Public Health Department and 13 are Water Supply Department.  1 for street light maintenance, and 3 for public works 4 nos. of old water lorries are replaced by new water lorries through MPLAD Fund.  11 nos. of condemned vehicles are sold by auction for Rs.6.00 lakhs.  For general purpose and for the Officers, 14 vehicles are used.  An Assistant Engineer is exclusively spread to lack of the repairs.

Activities being computerized in Engineering Department

The Corporation Engineering Department is responsible for all the development activities of the Corporation and it has become necessary that computerization is introduced in the following areas:

  1. Monitoring of  progress of works at Unit Office/Ward Office level
  2. Estimation of works
  3. Database creation
  4. Store inventory
  5. Water Supply connection/meter numbers
  6. Water flow monitoring system
  7. Control System for our maintenance work such as cleaning of

Toilets, repair of bore wells, Street Lights, Road patch work,

Budget Control, Stores Purchase, Tree Planting, Park and


  1. Work Orders Register
  2. Vehicle monitoring system and maintenance system
  3. Future planning for Engineering section
  4. MIS

Urban Program:

Ø     Slums benefited

Ø     Urban beneficiaries

      Water Supply maintained

Ø     Against 110 LPCD, Maintained 90 LPCD

    System Creation:

Ø     Citizens can have quick access to field offices through Unit Office

Ø     Speedy redressed of grievances at Unit Office level

Ø     Trouble Shooting and decision taken at Unit Office level

Ø     Planning at micro level made possible

Ø     Common plan for 1 year/5 year from Councilors so that corporate planning in Street Lights, bore wells, proposed.

Ø     Activity reports at field level (Unit Office) at Ward Office level created for better monitoring.

Ø     All electrical poles are numbered so that public can identify non-burning light poles easily and report to Unit Office and Ward Office.

Ø     Similarly numbering of Hand pumps has been done.

Ø     Logging of water through lorries/system created

Ø     Contract management – Transparency Act fully implemented to forming TSC

Ø     Auto Chlorination system introduced

Ø     Street light maintenance privatized and has become a module for other to

Ø     Cleaning of Septic Tanks of Public toilets arranged and for private toilets through sullage vehicle is possible now.

Ø     Improvement in Solid Waste Management.  Public – Corporation partnership established in primary collection.

Ø     Source segregation of bio-degradale and non-bio-degradale waste is introduced in streets.

Ø     Compost yard modernized

Ø     Less fuel to garbage vehicles and more tonnage ensured through effective monitoring.