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         Tindivanam (Tamil: திண்டிவனம்) is a town and a municipality in Viluppuram district in the Indian state of Tamil nadu. Important roads from north to south Tamil Nadu pass through Tindivanam and similarly from west to east.

Tindivanam is a Selection grade Municipal Town. Tindivanam was Constituted as Municipality in 01.04.1949 and it was subsequently upgraded as 2nd grade Municipality from 03.04.1970, 1st grade Municipality from 22.05.98 and Selection Grade from 02.12.2008. Ennairam , located near Tindivanam, has inscriptions about the Hindu shastras that date back to the 11th century.The chola temple of Narasimma swamy koil Built by Rajaraja Chola 1 (985 –1010) and has reached 1000 years. 8,000 samanaras were lived in this village.

  • Shiva Temple also called Periya Koil. The main deity is known as Shri Maragathambigai Sametha Thindrinishvarar Aalayam. This Temple built 1000years before 1010 A.D., The Temple built by Thiru. RajaRaja Chozhan[Eswaran in Tindivanam]
  • TheerthaKulam BalaMurugan Koil, Near Periya Koil
  • Anjaneyar Temple near Rajankulam
  • Draupadi Amman Temple near Rajankulam
  • Jain Temple near Tindivanam market
  • Mailam Murugan Temple
  • Thiruvakkarai Vakkrakali Amman Temple
  • Mannar Swamy Kovil- Marakkanam Road
  • Vitlapuram Murugan Koil
  • Perumal Kovil near market
  • Ayyapan temple,Murugan temple near Rajankulam
  • Gidangal Aramvalartha Nayagi sametha AnbaNayaga Eswaran temple- built by Thiru. Nalliyakoda King
  • Om Shakthi temple at pellakuppam(Also known as Kiezh maruvathur
  • Dheevanur suyambu vinayagar temple
  • Angaalamman temple at gingee road