Public Disclosure



Sl.NO. Details of Information
1. Particulars of the Municipality
(a) Formation of the Municipality
(b) Brief History
(c) Significant events/persons
(d) Characteristics and importance of the town including tourist attractions
2. Directory
(a)  Details of Chairperson  Vice-chairman  Councilors  Officers
(b) Party Position in the council
3.  The Minutes of the Meetings of  the council
4.  Citizen’s Charter
5. Details of Land owned by or vested with the Municipality
6. Service Level being Provided
(i) Water Supply
(ii) Sewerage
(iii) Street lights
(iv) Solid Waste Managements
7. Details of subsidy Programme
Central Government Sponsored
State Government Sponsored
8. Procedure for availing various services, obtaining licenses
i Water Supply Connection
ii Sewerage Connection
iii Assessment of Tax
iv Payment of Tax, Fees
v All Licenses Including Trade, Building Licenses
vi Lay out approval
vii Repairs to various services provided by the municipality
viii Solid and liquid waste removal
ix Water supply for special occasions
x Reservation for Traveler’s Bungalow, Kalyana Mantapam and other similar services
xi Animal control
xii Registration of Births and deaths
xiii Crematorium, Burial and burning  ground services
xiv Others
9. Details of Officers and staff-For any specific grievances
10. Particulars of ongoing works


Sl.NO. Details of Information
1. Annual budget
2. Audited financial statements
3. Particulars of the Master Plan, City Development Plan
4. Publication of amendments to the Municipal Acts, Rules, bye-laws
1 Acts and Rules
2 Bye-Laws
3 Public Disclosure Tamil Nadu Government Gazette
4 Professional Tax Revised Tax in 2013-2014  Tamil Nadu Government Gazette
5 Water Supply Bye-Law
6 SWM Bye-Law