About City


This town is located on the main road of Tiruchirappali – Thanjavur highways at a distance of 25 km from Tiruchirappali and 30 km from Thanjavur.

Transportation Linkages

The town is well connected by the Nagapattinam to Mysore of National Highways 65. This town is also connected with Trichirapalli and Thanjavurr.


The climate is hot during the summer and moderate during the winter. The town experiences occasional summer rain fall.

Rain Fall

The town gets its rain fall mostly during the north eastern monsoon during the month of October to December. The average rain fall for the town is around 850mm

Minerals and Soils

The soils of the town is generally classified as red soil. It is mostly suitable for dry crop namely chillies, cotton and groundnuts which are the main crop of the region.