General Information

General Information of Thuraiyur
Thuraiyur, is a second grade Municipal Town in Tamil nadu, is located 43 Kms North-West of Trichirappalli and 100 Kilometers South-East of Salem. Perambalur, Attur, Namakkal, Musiri are located within 40 Kms radius. The town is well connected by major district roads with the surrounding area.

Literacy Rate
Thuraiyur town has recorded with a literacy rate of 73% of the total population and majority of them are in agricultural activities. The secondary sector is the weaving of sari. About 39% of peoples are living in below poverty line as per the 2003-04 survey conducted.

Town Profile
Thuraiyur town is a taluk head quarters of Thuraiyur Taluk. It is famous for agricultural products and handlooms. The municipal limit is about 14.55 sq. kms.

No. of Ward 24
Length of Streets (Km) 44.022 Km
Length of Water mains (Km) 26 Km
Length of Sewer (Km)
Length of Open Drains (Km) 28 Km
No. of Public Fountains 175
No. of Assessed Houses 8598
No. of Water Supply Service Connections 2010
No. of Metered Service Connection
No. of O.H.T 3
No. of Staff for Water Supply works 5
No. of Vehicles for Garbage Collection 5
No. of Mechanized Vehicles
No. of Sanitary Staff 86
No. of Dustbins 60
No. of Area of Dumping/Compost yard 2
No. of Street Lights 1215
No. of Parks 1
No. of Schools 6
No. of Maternity Centers 1
No. of Other Hospitals/Dispensaries 1
No. of Noon Meal Centers 1
Total No. of Staff (Sanctioned Post) 152