About City

About Thuraiyur City 


Thuraiyur, a second grade Municipal Town in Tamil Nadu, is located 47 Kms North-West of Trichirappalli and 100 Kilometers South-East of Salem. Perambalur, Attur, Namakkal, Musiri are located with in 50 Kms radius. The town is well connected by major district roads with the surrounding area.

Thuraiyur town is located at 11o09′ of North Latitude and 78o36′ of East Longitude. The town is bounded north by Murugur, Maruvathur villages, south by Ammapatti, East by Muthampalayam and Kirambur villages and west by Venkatesapuram village. The town comprises 14.55 Sq. Km. extend and composed of 31005 persons as per 2001 census. In this town, about 39% peoples are living in Below the Poverty line as per the 2003-04 survey conducted

Transportation Linkage

Thuraiyur town is linked with the following towns directly by Bus, i) Perambalur ii) Trichy iii) Namakkal iv) Attur (Salem District) and v) Musiri. While the Kumbakonam – Nammakkal train facility made, this city is benefited by avail this scheme.

Minerals and Soils

Minerals of any importance is not available in this town. Only clay soil is found on the north and east & black and red soil is available in remaining part of this town. Paddy and Cholam are the predominant crops.


The climate of the town is normal throughout the year as there is no significant verification between maximum and minimum temperature. The town is having two tanks. Periya Eri on the north and Chinna Eri on the west which reduces the heat.


The town gets its rainfall mostly by the North-East Monsoon during the month of October to December. Average annual rainfall is around 790 mm.


Coconut tree is predominant in Thuraiyur town and its environment.


Local enquiries reveal that villages comprised in the town limit were previously managed by Zamindars, locally known as “Thurai” and so the town might have been named as Thuraiyur. This town was called erst while ‘Theerthapuri’. Zamindari had been abolished and town has been brought under Revenue administration and now under Municipal administration which explains the reasons for the scattered area which were included in the Municipal limit. Study reveals that the town first developed as a commercial center to the surrounding rural settlements and now attained the status of the Taluk head quarters and a Selection Grade Municipal Town.