Water Supply

Source Head works at Vallanadu on the Tamiraparani River.
Daily Supply 42.10 MLD
Daily Water Consumption (Present) 106 Lpcd
No.of Zones 30
Total No.ov OHTs 30
Total Storage Capacity 260.85 ML
Length of Distribution Network 509 Km.

Areas not covered under the existing water distribution scheme are supplied water through the Corporation owned or private owned water tankers.


Distribution Net Work   
Distribution zone No. of OHT  OHT Capacity in lakh litres No. of UG Sump and its Capacity in lakh litres No. of Streets covered by Piped WS Total length covered by Piped WS in K.M Total No. of Public Fountain Original Sanction Total No. of Public Fountains Now Available Total No. of Public Fountains in Slums Pop. Covered through Public Fountains Qty Supplied through Public Fountains in lits. No. of HSC No. of Hours of Water Supply Frequency of Water Supply No. of Hours WS in Public Fountains Frequency of WS in Public Fountain
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
30 30 261 nil 222 657 Km 658 702 122 80000                 400,000 71740 3.00    Hours Alternative days 3.00  Hours Alternative days