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History – Arulmigu Devi Karumari Amman Temple, Thiruverkadu

Devi Karumari driving away disease with cane

     In this Kaliyuga injustice and sin are growing more and more. Even the good people are becoming bad. To avoid this stage saints prayed Narayanan. Then involved Lord Siva and debated this matter to Him. In the end all decided to surrender before Devi Karumari at Thiruverkadu. Accordingly all came there and worshipped her. Devi Karumari developed anger in her face, took the cane and wielded it all around and took a vow. She will make good people enrich and bad people perish. Even today those who are blessed by the ardent devotee ( Devi Yubasakar) with cane get relief from physical and mental agonies and live happily with the blessings of Devi Karumari.
She remained so for many aeons and has taken the image of Kaurmari. Agasthiar worshipped her by early morning on Poosa star, full moon day, during Athi week in the month of Thai. Devikarumari was very happy and she blessed him ” to make the world know a lot about Tamil”.

Devi Karumari has reined over fine arts

     Deva’s chamber was full. Narathar who came there put forth his doubt before the chamber. Saint Vashister questioned him ” What is your doubt ? ” Narathar told Indiran to give “chew betel”(thambulam) to Kalaimagal and asked her to take her “art throne”.Indiran went to kalaimagal with chew betel and requested her to seat in art throne. But kalaimagal politely refused to accept the throne, and told him that she was still studying a lot and it was fit only for those who learned the arts completely. Finally it was decided that only Devi karumari is the right person to accept it.
Narathar and Indiran along with vanavar, saints and Balamurugan approached Devi Karumari and requested her to accept it. Devi Karumari , an embodiment of love and mercy appeared as full light and accepted it with the comment, ” Son, I am happy. I accept your request. I am very happy for offering me chew betel. Likewise I will be happy and bless the people who offer me chew betel”.Even now, during Devi Karumari Temple functions chew betels are being distributed. It is to be specifically mentioned that Devi Karumariamman is decorated with betal during such occasions.

Kumba Maari

     Honouring the request of Lord Siva, Karumari merged all the five elements in a kumbam and made Ganga to come out of it and sat with neem leaves. That pose can even be seen today while she blesses her devotees.

Naga Maari

     Devi Karumari told “If you pray snake idol kept under Neem or white neem tree, Karumari will bless you. If you pour milk in snake anthill you will get uplift in life and the bad effect of Ragu and Kethu will be removed “. During Adi festival, pouring of milk in snake anthill is celebrated as a special event. She gave boon to five elements, made them as five headed snake and wear it on her head.

Lion Mount (Vahanam)

     Lord Siva decided only Lion Mount was most suitable for Karumari to go around the world to bless Her devotees. So mayai, “tharagan” of Lord Muruga became lion and reached Thiurverkadu. Devi Karumari was giving pose sitting on it. All are extremely happy to witness that scene on Sunday, Full moon and poosam in the month of Thai.