Water Supply


Source Cheyyar River
Location Koda Nagar Pick Dam
Distance 3 K.M.
Year of Commissioning 1958
Installed capacity 2.70 MLD
Designed up to ultimate with population 2040
Head works infiltration well 14 No
Collection Well 3 Nos.
No. of Over Head Tanks with Capacity
1. Arni Koot road 2.00 Lakhs Litre
2. Municipal office 10.00 Lakhs Litre
3. Rajaji park 1.35 Lakhs Litre
4. Market 8.00 Lakhs Litre
5. East Mada street 2.00 Lakhs Litre
6. Anna Nagar 1.00 Lakhs Litre
7. Nehru Nagar 1.00 Lakhs Litre
8. Koda Nagar 1.00 Lakhs Litre
9. Venkatrayanpet 1.00 Lakhs Litre
Total 27.35 Lakhs Litre
No. of Distribution Zone 11 Nos.
Length of Pumping Main 24 K.M.
Total Distribution Main 96 K.M.
Total No. of Public Fountain 218 Nos.
Motors Details Cheyyar River Cheyyar River (Kazhiur )
Pumping Details  
Head works 3.40 MLD
Local Sources 0.00 MLD
Total 3.40 MLD
LPCD Frequency 90 LPCD
Frequency Two days only
No. of Mini Power Pump 132 Nos.
No. of Hand Pump Bore Well 72 Nos.
No. of Open Wells 9 Nos.
No. of Water Supply Lorry  Condemed 1 No.
Total No. of House Service Connections
Domestic 5415  Nos.
Non Domestic 144 Nos.
Industrial (Commercial) 79 Nos
Total 5638 Nos.
House Service Deposit Domestic Rs.5000/-
Non Domestic Rs.10000/-
Industrial Rs.15000/-
Tariff Domestic Rs.50/- Month
Non Domestic Rs.100/- Month
Industrial Rs.150/- Month