Public Health

Activities :- Registration and issue of Birth and death certificates Solid waste management, Sanitation, Public Health

The Municipal Sanitary  Officer is the overall in-charge of the Health Section. he looks after the prevention of Food adulteration, conservatory work, sweeping streets, maintenance of drainage , controlling of epidemic diseases, ensuring of license to D&O trades, Birth and Death registration, issuing certificates to birth and death registration. The Sanitary Inspectors, Sanitary Supervisors and Sanitary Workers are assisting the Municipal Sanitary Officer. The Municipal Sanitary Officer is held responsible for the removal of garbages and also sent to I.V.R. Plants.


S.No Name Designation Cell Number
1 MADHANARASAN K Sanitary Inspector 97886 59466
2 Thangaraj V Field Assistant  7200669099
3 Hari Narayanan J Sanitary Supervisor  
4 N. Parasuraman Sanitary Supervisor 83441 33484
5 K. Amudha Sanitary Supervisor  91638 58433
6 Vacant Lorry Driver  
7 Navinkumar   K Lorry Driver 63800 60613
8 Vacant Lorry Driver  
9 Murthy  K Lorry Driver 70925 16289

Maternity Home

Sl.No Name
Designation Cell Number
1. Vacant Maternity Assistant
2. Shakila   M Maternity Ayah 9976562968

Sanitary Workers : 26

Sl.No Division Male Female Total
1 I 19 7 26
Total 19 7