Revenue Section

It is an another wing of the Municipality, headed by the two Revenue Inspectors and he is supported

by 8 Revenue Assistants and One Office Assistant with the tax collection of taxes and non tax and they are

held responsible for the entire collection of Revenue.

Sl.  No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation Mobile Number Date of Birth Date of Retirement Reason for the  Vacant
1 R. Sivasankar Revenue Inspector 9524280347
2 A. Jagadeesan
Revenue Inspector
3 G.S.Shanmugam Revenue Inspector(Spl) 9843574241
4 K. Muruganatham Revenue Assistant 99761 89901
5 J. Jagadeesan Revenue Assistant 98658 94984
6 D. Sudharsanam Revenue Assistant 99652 81448
7 M. Jayabharath Revenue Assistant 9788990316
8 K. Ayyappan
Revenue Assistant
9 Vacant Revenue Assistant
10 R. Manivannan
Revenue Assistant 8098562697
11 D. Ravichandran Office Assistant 94434 75644