About City

History of Municipalities and Municipal Place
This Municipality is situated in a Famous Historical and ancient Town.  Lord Thiagarajar temple is situated This in the heart by the town Town surrounded by Pady fields.  Cultivation of Padi is the Main activity.  This Town in  the part of  united Thanjavur, District   till 31.12.96.  Then it becomes the separate District Head Quarter since 1.1.97.
This Municipality was constituated in the year 1914 and it was upgraded as grade I Municipality. Since 1.4.1978.

Extent                                        :           10.47    Sq.K.M

Population                                  :           56341

Revenue Villages                         :           Vilamal, Vijayaruram, Tiruvarur south,

Tiruvarur North  Keelakavadhukudi,

Ramage, Sundaravilakam  and  Kidaramkondan