All Schemes


1. IUDM 2018-19

Name of the Work  : Construction of 10 KLD FSTP at New Compost Yard

AS No.                       :The CMA R.O.C No.26888/UGSS2 /2018/Dt:29.01.19

  • Estimate Amount           :  Rs.185.00 Lakhs
  • Date of Tender                 :  20.03.2019
  • Date of Work Order        : 14.06.2019
  • Present Stage of work    :  75% work completed. Further work under progress.
  • Expenditure So far          :  Rs.74.32 Lakhs

2. Revolving Fund of UIDSSMT 2018-19

Name of the work: Providing Internal Plumbing works for Water Supply HSC in (2968 Nos.)

AS NO: The CMA, Chennai-05, Proc.No.13277/2018/WS1 Dated:19.06.2018

  • Estimate Amount:Rs.102.00 Lakhs
  • No.ofPackage taken up:1 No
  • Date of Tender:31.01.2019
  • Date of work order:06.02.2019
  • Present stage of work: 680 HSC’s are completed. Further work in progress
  • Expenditure so  far: Rs.21.32 lakhs

3. TURIP 2020-21

Name of the work: Name of Work: Renewal of B.T.Surface at Agamudaiyar Street (W-03), Hospital Street(W-07), SingalanthiTamilar Street(W-17), and Paver Block Road at Compost Yard(W-16), Jeeva Street(W-19), Nandavanakula Street(W-05), Narikuravar Colony(W-06), SingalanthiAdidravidar Street Burial Ground Road(W-18) (Package-I)

AS NO: The CMA R.O.C No.9025/2020,E3/ Dt:16.07.2020

  • Estimate Amount:Rs.100.00 Lakhs
  • No.of Package taken up:8Nos
  • Date of Tender:07.10.2020
  • Date of work order:23.10.2020
  • Present stage of work: 3 works are completed. Further work in progress
  • Expenditure so  far: Nil